Krishna Mohini 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Krishna makes a blunder

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The Episode starts with Krishna talking to the gardener. Kaka says I m going to a baba, I will take my grandson there, he is sick and I want him to recover, he isn’t studying well. Aryaman hears them. Krishna says this isn’t true. He says such baba has much powers, my grandson is misbehaving a lot, you should have belief. She thinks to take Mohan to the baba. Sid’s friend doesn’t see Anuradha. Mohan asks are you looking for someone. He says yes, my friend. Mohan recalls Anuradha’s words. She asks him to design the clothes for the fashion show and speak out his feelings. Mohan says I don’t know designing clothes. She says I will help you. She gives her number and asks him to call her anytime. He thanks her. FB ends. Krishna asks Kaka to give the baba’s address. Kaka asks what will you do. She says I will take Mohan, he is a nice boy, but I don’t want him to fall into wrong company. Kaka tells the address and goes. Krishna says I have no other way than to bring Mohan out of this problem, I don’t believe this, but I will take Mohan to Baba in the evening. She goes. Aryaman says why does Krishna want to take Mohan to the baba, whats the matter and what is she thinking. Krishna keeps the food ready on the table. Ananya asks Aryaman about his meeting. He says I had a meeting, but I got an imp work. She says I was thinking to book a bungalow for Krishna, we will give her one crore so that she spends her life with ease. Krishna gets juice for them. She says I don’t want anything. Ananya says yes, but you are leaving Arya. Krishna says I did marriage, not any business, promises are made during marriage. Aryaman remembers his promise. Krishna says its not a condition to take something if a relation breaks. Pia comes. Krishna asks where is Mohan. Mohan comes. Aryaman asks how was the first day at college. Mohan says it was good. Pia says Mohan is designing costumes for the female models. Krishna and Ananya ask why. Mohan says someone else is designing clothes for male models, so Anuradha asked me to design it for girls. Aryaman asks aren’t you happy. Krishna says I m happy. She asks Mohan to freshen up and come. She goes. Ananya asks shall I book the bungalow. Aryaman says no, she is here for six months.

Krishna goes to Mohan and explains him to study other subjects, instead of fashion. She says Anuradha shouldn’t teach you. Mohan asks why, what’s wrong, I will study fashion. She says get ready, we are going somewhere. Mohan says it was a big drama yesterday, you want to leave the house again. She says no, we are going somewhere, I will give soup and medicine to Rajshri and come, get ready.

Krishna and Mohan come to meet the baba. She recalls Kaka’s words. She says we have come to meet Baba. Mohan says but I don’t believe in it. She says you believe me, right, think of this as imp or necessary thing, we have no other way now, just come with me. He thinks what is she thinking. Aryaman also comes there. Krishna and Mohan hear the baba talking to the people. She thinks I will clean his mind today, he won’t wish to become a girl now. She writes her name and gives it to Baba. Baba asks who is Krishna. She says its me. He asks what problem do you have. Aryaman wears a mask and sits there. Krishna asks can I talk to you in private. Baba says okay. Mohan thinks she wants to tell about me. Baba asks Krishna to come. The men stop Aryaman and ask him to sit back. Baba asks Krishna what’s the problem. She says its about my brother Mohan. He asks her to say it clearly.

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She says I feel he is captured by a bad spirit. Baba asks why do you think so. Mohan shouts I m a boy and I want to become a girl, she thinks its my madness. Krishna says he is saying nonsense. Baba says it’s a sin to think so, I have understood his problem, he will be treated. Mohan asks do you think I m sick. Baba scolds him and says I have to do your Shuddikaran. He smiles and signs his man. Aryaman looks for them. Mohan refuses and tries to run. Baba asks the men to stop him. Mohan is caught. Baba asks them to take Krishna outside. He says wait outside, this ritual will go for long. Mohan says no, listen to me, I m not under any spirit’s spell, I will not forgive you if you leave. Krishna goes out. Baba puts something on Mohan. Krishna waits outside. Mohan undergoes Shuddikaran rituals.

Krishna prays for Mohan. Baba beats up Mohan. Mohan shouts Didi. Krishna hears him. She says did I take a big step, I will go and see Mohan. Aryaman sees her. Krishna rushes. Aryaman follows her. She sees Baba beating Mohan. She pushes him and asks how dare you beat him, I asked you to change his thinking. She asks Mohan to get up. Mohan says get away, you gave him this courage to beat me, you think I m so bad and need Shuddikaran, I never felt so bad. He cries. Krishna says its not like that. He says I m in this state because of you, you got me here, don’t act of showing love, I trusted you and regarded you my mum, but mum isn’t like this, mum used to understand me, but you don’t understand my words, how will you understand my silence. He asks Baba to beat him. He says I won’t change, I m not sick, you need Shuddikaran if you think so. Aryaman comes and looks at them. He asks what’s happening, Krishna, why did you get Mohan here. Baba asks who are you, what’s going on. Aryaman says its my question, Krishna… She says I will tell you everything. Aryaman asks her to say the truth, why did she get Mohan there. He says I will go and ask them. She says yes, go and ask them, you don’t trust me, you doubted me so you came here after me, do you think I m a thief, like Ananya felt. He says no, I want to know what happened to Mohan that you got him to Baba, tell me the truth, what are you hiding….

The episode ends