Keh Doon Tumhein 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev searches for Bittu

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Keh Doon Tumhein 5th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Dev asking everyone to find the phone. He worries. Vikrant switches off Ritu’s phone. He sits in the car. Kirti asks are we doing right, will anyone happen to Puru. He says don’t worry, he can’t do anything in police station, I have fixed spy cam in Puru’s bag and locket, see. She sees the camera feed and thanks Vikrant. Puru talks to Dev. He says I m hungry. Dev gives him the tiffin box. Puru says I have to go to washroom, take me there first. Dev gets angry and scolds him. Puru gets scared and cries. Kirti asks why is Puru crying. Puru says mumma never scolded me, you are becoming a bad Papa. Kirti says we have to do something. Vikrant says relax, its hard to see Puru crying, Puru has to understand that Dev can’t become a good father. He gives her a chocolate. She says dark chocolate is my fav. Madhuri makes papad. Dadi says you didn’t learn anything till now. She says Kirti wanted to keep Puru away from Dev, she took Puru to Dev today, why. Madhuri says Dev is dangerous, he is acting to be a good father, Kirti is doing this by some wise plan, she is smart, she took Puru to Dev to make him realize what it takes to raise a child. Dadi says I understand, but what will happen. Madhuri says Dev’s truth will come out, Puru will know his dad is a big cheat. Dadi says yes, why aren’t you so smart, learn something from Kirti. Vikrant thinks is Puru telling Dev about me. Puru tells Dev about Bittu, he is locked in Vikrant’s house. Dev feeds him the food and asks him to tell him more. He thinks I don’t know if this is true or not. He says you eat the food. He calls Kirti. He says I have an emergency work, come and pick Puru. She asks why did you do the drama if you can’t handle him. He asks her to take Puru if she cares. He leaves. Kirti says he is asking me to come and pick Puru. Kirti says we will take Puru. Vikrant says I forgot, I have a board meeting, you pick Puru, I will just come. She goes. He says Puru told something to Dev, so Dev left. He follows Dev.

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A biker comes in front of Vikrant’s car. Vikrant helps the man. He gets late. He rushes to his house. Neha argues with Madhuri. Madhuri asks her to study well or do a job. Neha says I m working. Madhuri scolds her. Neha shows someone’s social media account and says she earns 6 lakhs a month, this is the magic of social media, I will also become famous, I will earn a lot of money soon. Madhuri says fine, you make videos every day, I will help you. Neha hugs her. Dev reaches Vikrant’s house. He hides his bike. He enters the house through a window. He checks the house. Vikrant is on the way. Dev sees the locked door. He gets the keys and unlocks. He gets inside and points gun.

Madhuri gets tea for Shreyas. She says you passed the entrance exam, it’s a good news, I knew it, you will make us proud. Shreyas says it’s a big college, fees is high, we can’t afford it. She says we can’t lose this chance, don’t worry, I will do something. She gets the jewellery she kept for Kirti’s marriage. She says sell this and pay the college fees, we will save money for Kirti later. He says no, I have to do a duty towards her, I can’t sell her bangles, I will do part time job, I can’t fall in my sight. She gets glad. Dev looks inside the room. He doesn’t see Bittu. He sees the rope and plate kept there. Vikrant comes home. Shreyas asks what happened, why are you in a hurry. Vikrant says nothing, I think I left the gas open, there is no problem, go. Vikrant enters the house. Dev silently leaves the place. He locks the door. He hides seeing Vikrant.

Dev asks Garud to issue search warrant against Vikrant. He reaches Vikrant’s house and says we have a search warrant. Vikrant asks Dev to do his work.