Keh Doon Tumhein 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti saves Vikrant

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Keh Doon Tumhein 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant finding the phone. He sends his location to Kirti. Kirti worries and says he is in some problem. She leaves in an auto and asks the driver to drive fast, its urgent. She asks the man to drive ahead. He says no, get down here, there would be animals. She runs inside the jungle. Bittu parks the taxi. Mirajkar looks for him. Kirti sees Vikrant’s car. She calls out Sarkar and looks for him. Bittu comes out of the dickey and hits Mirajkar on his head. Mirajkar faints. Bittu puts him in the dickey and shuts it. Vikrant recalls his childhood moment with his mum. Kirti shouts Sarkar…. Vikrant gets sinking. He imagines his mum coming there. Her mum asks him to come to her. He thinks I knew you will find me, you came to take me with you. He smiles. Kirti comes there and looks into the pit. She doesn’t see him. She hears the sound of the water splash. She turns and looks into the pit. Vikrant comes out and struggles in the water. She sees him. She throws her dupatta’s end to him. She falls back. She gets a wood log. She pulls him up. He falls over her. She laughs. He thinks I have found my reflection today. He does shayari. She asks what were you doing here. Bittu comes there and shouts Sarkar, I have come. He goes to see him inside the pit. He checks for him. He sits crying. He says did Sarkar sink in the water, forgive me, you gave me respect and I couldn’t save you.

Kirti takes care of Vikrant. He smiles seeing her. She asks what were you doing there. He says bird watching. She says you went there to see birds, it can be dangerous to go alone, see you got hurt, you take someone along next time. He says okay, I will inform you and go, I can’t trust anyone else, you saved my life. She says sorry, I scolded you. He says I didn’t scold you, you can scold me with all the rights. She says right, we are friends, friends have right on each other.

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She says I will get warm water and kada for you. She goes. Bittu gets Mirajkar out and asks him why is he interfering. He beats him. Kirti gets the kada. Vikrant checks his phone. He says I need a new one. She asks why, you can fix it, give it to me, I will fix it by magic, I will put it in rice box. He says I will get it fixed. She says I will do. They have a moment. Madhuri comes and sees them. She asks him is he fine. She says I think I came at a wrong time. Kirti says no, my hair got stuck. Madhuri says I will get scissor to cut the hair. Vikrant gets worried thinking of the girls he killed. He says no, not so soon. Madhuri smiles and says I will go. Kirti goes. She shows Vikrant’s phone to Shreyas. She says its not working. Shreyas says its too damaged, we will get it fixed at the mobile store. She calls Mirajkar. Bittu checks Kirti’s call.

Kirti prays to get justice for Anju. Vikrant says I want to make a new start with kirti. Bittu kidnaps her. Vikrant calls Kirti and gets her purse fallen. Bittu plans to kill her.