Keh Doon Tumhein 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant tricks Dev

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Keh Doon Tumhein 31st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant coming and saving Kirti from Dev. They go to the police station. Vikrant says I want to file a FIR against Dev, he is mentally torturing Kirti and Puru, he tried to kill Kirti today, this is the weapon, it has his fingerprints, arrest him. Dev points the gun at Vikrant. Kirti and everyone get shocked. Jadhav asks what are you doing. Dev shoots in the air. The poppers blow. Jadhav says it’s a toy gun. Dev says yes, I was just playing a prank and having fun with Kirti, Vikrant is lying, why would I want to kill Kirti. Kirti says he isn’t lying, he threatened to kill me. Dev says you are also lying, you want to keep me away from my son.

Jadhav says we can’t file a FIR now. Vikrant asks Kirti to come. Dev taunts Vikrant. Puru finds the keys and unlocks the door. He sees a window and says where did the ball go. Bittu appears suddenly. Puru gets scared. Bittu gives the ball. Puru asks what’s this cage, who are you, are you an alien. Bittu says come close to me and see, I want your help. Puru asks what. Vikrant and Kirti come home.

She says sorry. He says no, its not your mistake. She says he is taking revenge on us for leaking the news. He asks how did he know this, I just told you. She says maybe he guessed it. He says it doesn’t make any sense. He thinks how does Dev know everything. Puru takes the ball. He asks are you a good uncle. Bittu says yes, a cruel man has tied me up. Puru says don’t worry, I will help you. He shouts Sarkar uncle… Bittu says he shouldn’t know it, else the cruel man will cage him also, he was a big alien, don’t tell anything to Sarkar uncle, help me please.

Vikrant says we have to do something, tell me what happened that day, we have to prepare a defence. Dev hears their talk. Kirti says Ritu met me and we had a fight, will Dev use the cctv footage and trap me. Vikrant says no, this can’t happen. Dev thinks wow, you made my work easy. He rushes. Kirti asks is this enough. Vikrant signs her and gets the spy mic from Puru’s bag. He smiles. He recalls saying something is wrong, how did Dev know all the details. He asks her to check her bag. She checks and says its not there. He says he is audio tracking us, device would be at home. They check the room well. He checks Puru’s bag and gets the mic. FB ends. They come out of the house and talk. Vikrant says Dev will waste time in checking the cctv footage, you and Ritu never met in the market. They hear some sound and go to see. They see Puru. Kirti says its your birthday tomorrow, we will celebrate it. Puru goes.

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She worries about Dev. Vikrant says this won’t happen, I promise you, Dev will get his transfer order. Puru gets a knife and recalls Bittu’s words. He goes to give the knife to Bittu. Puru wakes up and sees the birthday decorations in the house. Kirti wishes him. Vikrant gets the milkshake for him and wishes him. Puru thanks him and hugs.

Dev hears them and gets angry. He checks the cctv footage. Garud comes and asks what happened, you are here since night, media is outside, just 2 hours left. Dev says get Ritu murder case file, I will give unforgettable gift to Puru today. Kirti sees Puru celebrating his birthday and smiles. Dev leaves for the school. Vikrant asks Bittu to have food. Bittu acts sleeping. Vikrant calls him out and goes close to him. Bittu hides the knife.
Kirti sees Puru happy and smiles. Dev comes there. Garud says I can’t believe that Kirti will do a murder. Dev arrests Kirti for Ritu’s murder. She cries.