Keh Doon Tumhein 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev fools Kirti and Vikrant

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Keh Doon Tumhein 28th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kirti running out of the school. She says where shall I go, magistrate office. Vikrant comes and asks what happened. She says just 20 mins are left, Dev has sent legal notice, if I don’t get this signed by district magistrate, then he will snatch Puru’s custody from me. They leave. She says I was so stupid. He says relax, I won’t let anything happen. He calls and finds out about the magistrate. He says he is going out of town for some work, don’t worry, I know his house. Dev asks Garud to get Puru home if Kirti doesn’t get the papers. Garud asks how can police get a kid from school. Dev says its legal, go. Jadhav hears this and goes to call Vikrant. Dev asks where are you going. Jadhav sings washroom. Vikrant asks Kirti not to take stress. He asks what’s this 30mins system, how can legal work happen like this. He asks her to show the papers. He gets Jadhav’s call. Jadhav says Dev asked Garud to go to school and pick up Puru from school if Kirti doesn’t reach in 30mins. Vikrant tells this to Kirti. She says I have to go to school, take me there. He says we can’t do this, they have to go to the magistrate. He asks her not to worry. They reach the magistrate’s office. Dev says I m not there to see Kirti’s tension. Madhuri comes home and shows the gifts. She says I got this saree for Kirti, she looks good in sarees, she has faced a lot. Dadi says Dev has come back. Madhuri is shocked. She says that devil found him again, I can’t see her in tension.

Garud says I didn’t get Dev’s call, I have to take Puru. Kirti meets Anil and says its Sarkar’s work, I have to get Magistrate’s sign. He says magistrate left for the airport. She shouts to stop him. Garud talks to the teacher and says I have to take Puru to the police station. Kirti runs after the magistrate’s car. Vikrant comes to the school and stops Garud. Puru hugs Vikrant.

Vikrant scolds Garud. Garud says I was just doing my duty. Vikrant asks is this your duty, do you have his guardian’s permission, Kirti is his mum, you can’t touch him, get lost. Garud says sorry and leaves. Vikrant says I told you, I will always protect you, I have come. Madhuri says don’t know what will Dev do with our Chutki. Shreyas comes and says Dev has sent a legal notice to Kirti, he wants Puru’s custody. Madhuri says we will go to police station right away. They rush. Kirti reaches the police station. Dev smiles and says amazing, you are so determined, show me the magistrate’s sign. She folds hands and apologizes to him. Jadhav looks on. She requests him to not snatch Puru from her. He says Puru’s dad is alive, just beg more and cry a lot, you should look like mother india, I will teach him to stay without you. She says no, I m ready to beg you, it was my mistake to run away, don’t punish Puru. He sits on the chair and says I will watch superhit matinee show. Kirti looks around. She sits down. Vikrant comes and holds her.

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He makes her get up. Dev says an emotional scene was going on, and you have come here, I will get Puru’s custody now. Vikrant asks the magistrate to come inside. He asks him to sign the papers. The magistrate signs the papers. Vikrant says thanks, I will remember this favor. He throws the papers at Dev and says Kirti fulfilled the challenge, now don’t look at Puru. Dev says challenge isn’t complete, look at the time. Vikrant says you can’t pose 30 mins limit. Dev says you ruined the suspense, it was fun to see the fear on her face. She says it means there was no such rule. Dev laughs. Madhuri comes and hugs Kirti. She asks where is Puru. Vikrant says he is with me, he will always stay with us. Dev laughs aloud. He says I knew you will be tense and won’t read the papers. He reads… I, Kirti Shukla permits Dev to meet Puru thrice a week, magistrate just signed on this paper. Vikrant asks Kirti about the papers. Kirti says I didn’t know about the papers. Dev asks when shall I come to meet Puru. He asks Madhuri to be ready to do his aarti.

Dev asks Puru to shoot the apple. Puru says I can’t do it. Dev insists. Kirti says we will go to Puru. Puru says if you get shot, then…. Dev says I trust you, shoot. Kirti and Vikrant see the gun in Puru’s hand and get shocked.