Keh Doon Tumhein 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev troubles Kirti

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The Episode starts with Dev says we will zoom the pic, now tell me, is this chain yours or not. Kirti cries. Dev asks Vikrant to see the pic and say. She says no, its my chain. Dev asks how did Ritu get this chain. She says its my chain. He shouts and says I m asking, how did Ritu get this chain. She says I don’t know. He says its your chain and you don’t know, you lost the chain and Ritu got it, she liked it a lot, so the chain was in her hands when she died. Vikrant asks what do you mean, the chain wasn’t in her hands. Dev smiles and asks how do you know this, can you put some light on this matter. Vikrant says Jadhav told me. Dev gets angry. He says he just thinks of food, I m the king of the police station, chain was in Ritu’s hand, that’s it. He angers Vikrant. He asks how did Ritu get that chain, tell me, Vikrant holds his collar. They both fight.

Vikrant gets Dev’s chain in his hand. Dev says that’s it, I want to prove how Ritu got the chain in her hand, Kirti suffocated Ritu and Ritu got the chain in her hand. Kirti cries. Dev asks for his chain back. He says its of hard earned money. Vikrant gives the chain. Dev wears it. He taunts Kirti. He says you kept my son away, now I will get you stuck, you are prime suspect in Ritu’s murder case, see what poison I fill in Puru’s mind against you, he will never look at you, you have made me long for my son, you will long for him now. She cries.

Dev says I made you wear mangalsutra, now I will make you wear handcuffs. He leaves. Vikrant consoles Kirti. She says it was my big mistake to marry Dev, Mrs. Kirti Rathore was much different than Kirti Shukla, I used to live in fear, I had many wounds on my body, just Puru was the reason for my life, I thought he behaves so because of alcohol, but no, Dev was addicted to hurt me, he was a devil, he used to beat me and Puru also, I thought to start a new life after divorce, but old mistakes don’t leave you. Vikrant says I would have not let you cry. Jadhav comes and calls out Sarkar. Vikrant says I have called him, I will just come.

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Jadhav says sorry, I tried hard, but I couldn’t do anything, I tried my best to not file the case against Kirti. Vikrant says Dev is taking revenge on Kirti. Jadhav says I know. Vikrant says we have to save everyone from such corrupt officer, you have to become my eyes and ears from today. Dev asks Garud to become his eyes, ears and mouth also, you may get promoted. Garud agrees.

Vikrant sees Kirti sleeping and covers her with his jacket. He sits looking at her. He says your love has given me a power to fight the entire world, then what’s this Dev. His inner self says we will kill Dev. Vikrant says you are saying right this time. Kirti wakes up and sees him.

Its morning, Kirti and Puru come to the school. She says I m not scared, you shouldn’t look for dad, be strong, mum is enough for you, when he came to meet you, he used to beat you and scold you, anger is a bad thing. He says it would have been good if my dad was good like my friends’ dads, but my mumma is the best. She thinks I m helpless, sorry. She says if you have to choose one between mum and dad, who would you choose. He says I will choose mumma. She hugs him and cries.

He goes. She hears some sound and turns to see Dev. She shakes in fear. He says I will settle scores with you, I won’t get a peaceful sleep, you go to hell, I don’t care, but you should have not run away taking my son. She says if you worried for him, then why didn’t you meet him for 3 months. He says its my wish, court permitted me to meet him, you didn’t ask me and ran away, it’s a crime, you broke the law, you will bear punishment. He gives her an envelope. He says if you don’t reach the magistrate office in 30mins, then you will lose Puru’s custody forever.

Kirti tells everything to Vikrant. Vikrant rushes to help her. Dev asks Garud to pick up Puru from the school. Jadhav informs this to Vikrant.