Keh Doon Tumhein 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant sets Kirti’s house

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Keh Doon Tumhein 22nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant watching everyone from far. He thinks to take the chain later. He goes home and sees the hair necklace. He sits to Ritu and says no one will know that you got murdered, I will always remember you like these 12 girls, you are special, you are the last girl who I killed, I m going to bury my habit, my life will be normal now, no murder, no secrets, just Kirti. He keeps the box. Door bell rings. Kirti comes there. She asks him to have food. She says you will get fat if you stay with me, onion pakodas, you like it, right. He says we will go for jogging in the morning. She asks did your car get fixed. He says I hope so. He says my car broke down outside the hostel, what were you doing there. She says teacher had sent me there to find Ritu, I m feeling guilty, I scolded her. He asks her to not overthink. He thinks why didn’t I know about this, I should keep Kirti away from all this. She asks about the chain. He says sorry, I didn’t find it, don’t take stress, we will buy a new chain. She says it matters to me, I m not rich like you, I will check at the school. He says we are free tomorrow, I will help you in shifting. She says I will pack the things. She goes. He thinks it’s a good way to distract you, your focus should be on me. Kirti packs the bags. Puru runs. Madhuri catches him. They have a talk. Kirti asks won’t you be here when I shift. Madhuri says yes, I can’t see you leaving. Kirti says I m shifting to the other room in the same house, we will have the same lawn and kitchen, don’t worry. Vikrant comes and says if you miss Kirti a lot, then break the center wall, the house will become one. Kirti asks him not to waste his time. He says you and Puru are going to become imp part of my life. Madhuri smiles. He says I mean they are going to become my tenant. Madhuri says I have to leave, Sudhakar is waiting for me. Kirti says its clear why I like you, I had just seen pain in my life, I just have smile and peace now, but I don’t know why you are interested in me. He thinks I love you Kirti, you inspired me to leave crime and live a good life. He says if something gives you happiness, then you shouldn’t analyze it, I m grateful to Bappa that he made me meet you.

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Garud comes and wakes up Jadhav. He says I got Ritu’s suicide note. Jadhav reads it. Garud says we should verify this with her handwriting. Jadhav says yes, call the school and inform them. Garud says I heard she had a big fight with someone in school. Jadhav says we never got cases before. They leave. Vikrant and Kirti set the new house. They smile seeing each other.

He does shayari. Puru says this is my bed, but you can stay here. She thanks him. She says your scooter is with Dadi. He goes to get it. She thanks Vikrant. She says I loved the room design, you designed it really well, one thing is lacking. She shows Puru and her pic. He says I will fix it. She says I will do it, you think girls can’t do this work. She fixes the photo frame on the wall.

He goes to help her. They have a moment. he says its perfect now. Bittu shouts Sarkar, make me out of here, I feel suffocated here. He hears some sound. Puru comes and likes the pic. Puru compliments Vikrant. Vikrant smiles. Kirti says come, we will have food. She takes Puru.

Bittu knocks the door and shouts to Vikrant. Vikrant sees the photo frame falling. He thinks how didn’t I think of this before. Kirti comes to call him and asks how did the photo frame fall. He says I will fix this and come. He gets angry.

Vikrant says I want to show everyone that the most beautiful girl is with me. He goes and beats up Bittu. Bittu says I have to send a message to that person.