Keh Doon Tumhein 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant receives a good news

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Keh Doon Tumhein 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Madhuri saying you gave your savings to Kirti, she will know you love her a lot. Dadi says I love you the most. Shreyas says everything changed, Kirti is getting married to Sarkar. Madhuri says this is called life, we can’t deny the fate, go and call Kirti and Puru, she will have the last breakfast in this house and then she will go to Sarkar’s house. They see the news of Bittu’s death. They see Jhanvi’s murder charges on inspector Dev. The reporter says Dev is on the run, inform the police if you spot him. Dadi and Madhuri say we didn’t know Dev is a murderer. Madhuri worries for Kirti. Shreyas says don’t worry, Sarkar is there to handle her, Dev and Kirti have no relation now, Kirti won’t get affected, don’t spoil your mood, its Kirti’s marriage.

Neha says yes, you remember the dance steps, right. Madhuri says I feel restless. Dadi says don’t say that, bad happens with bad people, I don’t want any hurdle in Kirti’s marriage. Vikrant also sees the news. He switches off the tv. He says Dev, you wanted to send me to jail, you are running away like a criminal, I made the news viral and made you famous, everything is fine now, I can’t start a new life with Kirti now, I don’t hear my inner voice today, it’s a great day, wow, its good, now Kirti, me and our little family. He recalls Kirti. Jadhav says I never liked Dev, he was after Kirti and Sarkar, we have worn this uniform to save people, not to kill them, Garud, you were pleasing Dev, see he is a devil, you would have got trapped in his matter. Garud says I was helpless, I was following senior’s order, forgive me. Jadhav says no, you are with me since years, you didn’t know right and wrong. Garud says I m sorry, have the ghee laddoos. Jadhav says you are not so bad, I have to forgive you now. Garud says yes, we have to send report to head office. Jadhav says you will make the report, when you made the mistake. He asks Garud to write the report. He dictates the things to mention. Garud says we couldn’t catch Bittu’s partner, the one who made Bittu escape from the police, Bittu said he has a partner. Jadhav asks what’s the name, we don’t know, don’t use your mind, maybe Bittu lied and Kirti had a misunderstanding, you don’t complicate the case, we have to shut this case, please don’t add anything in it. Garud gives the report. Jadhav says this is called perfect report, send this to headquarters and shut this case forever. Garud leaves. Kirti recalls Anjali’s words. She talks to Anjali’s pic and cries. She says I m marrying Vikrant, you know him, right, I m happy today because of you, I wish you stay happy. Vikrant gives his wedding card to the principal and school teacher. They get surprised reading Vikrant weds Kirti. Teacher asks are you marrying Kirti. Vikrant says yes. Principal says you said no one can tell anything to Kirti when you are here. Vikrant says yes, I fell in love with her, I m glad she also fell in love with me, it’s a private function, you two are invited, I will give a party to the faculty later. They say we will come. He asks them to come to temple on time. He leaves. Principal says I asked Kirti to leave from school, Vikrant might be angry, I felt he was staring at me in anger. Teacher says no, I think he is angry on me, I didn’t speak to Kirti well, sorry, I didn’t know they love each other, I feel scared, is my job in problem. He says don’t think much, we have to buy some good gift for Sarkar. They leave.

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Dev sees Neha’s reel and says I won’t let this marriage happen, I won’t let Kirti marry Vikrant, he has to die today, I m coming, Vikrant. He picks a gun. Vikrant says Jadhav, Dev is dangerous, arrest him soon. Jadhav says don’t worry, I will arrest Dev soon, I will send constables to the temple for security, enjoy your marriage. Vikrant says thanks, you and Garud have to come. Jadhav says it’s a big day, I have shut the case. Vikrant asks what, its permanently closed. Jadhav says yes. Vikrant says congrats. Jadhav says Bittu’s partner is missing, but I didn’t mention him in the report so that this case gets closed soon, we have no solid evidence. Vikrant says I m proud of you, you ended the fear in the people’s mind, we will meet in the evening. Vikrant ends the call and smiles.
Dev comes and points the gun at Vikrant’s head. Kirti says I never thought of this day, but Vikrant has revived my lost dreams. She hears the bullet sound. Vikrant stops Dev. Dev says I will kill the Panchghati killer today. Vikrant shoots at him and smiles.