Keh Doon Tumhein 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dev fails to expose Vikrant

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Keh Doon Tumhein 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Master ji getting the clothes and saying Sarkar has sent me here, he said you guys don’t have time for shopping. Madhuri says he thinks a lot for us, we didn’t get time to shop. Dadi says he has sent sarees with him. Master ji says he gave the jewellery also. Madhuri checks it and says its artificial right. He says no, its real gold, keep it as marriage gift. Dadi says no, we can’t take it. He says sorry, I can’t go against Sarkar. He convinces them. Kirti says it’s an expensive necklace, should I have accepted this… She recalls Vikrant and smiles.

She says he helped me a lot, then the job and this house, I never felt so happy, do I really deserve his love, or is this a dream. Dev comes and says Rani… She asks what are you doing here, just go away. He says don’t shout, listen to me, Bittu is dead. She asks what, he was in police custody. He says his partner gave him poison. She says I know he has a partner. He says his partner is Vikrant, Bittu has taken Sarkar’s name, Vikrant is the serial killer, Vikrant and Bittu killed Anjali and did all the murders. She is shocked. Vikrant calls Jadhav and asks why did Dev go to the police, principal called me, parents are already scared, ask him not to visit the school. Jadhav says he got suspended, he has to report in Bhopal police station. Vikrant says I have no enmity with him, what does he want to do. Jadhav says I don’t know. Vikrant says update me if you know anything, I will handle the school. Jadhav says sure, I m sorry from his side, I will update you. Vikrant says its okay, you are doing your duty. He ends call.

He says what did Dev get now, that he reached the school. Kirti asks did Bittu take Vikrant’s name. Dev says yes, I swear, don’t marry Vikrant, please, how can you spend your life with a murderer, I can’t see Puru with that devil. She says please stop playing with my mind, how much will you torture Puru and me, leave us alone. He says Bittu took Vikrant’s name. She says don’t make stories, if you had a proof, then you would have arrested Vikrant, please go from here. He says I know I have no proof against Vikrant, but its true that he isn’t innocent, I had come here because I worry for you and Puru, I don’t want that devil to hurt you. She asks is this a job, since when did you start worrying for Puru and me, you made our life hell, don’t come back, just go away. He cries and says fine, if you want to play with fire, its your wish, Vikrant is the killer, he has killed Anjali and others, you want a proof, I will get it. He leaves.

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Jadhav calls Vikrant. He says Dev is after your school student about a case, he meets Jhanvi, he might have made her some witness, I got a call from the magistrate office, he was asking about the witness. Vikrant asks why is Jhanvi involved in the case, she is young, I have to answer her parents. Jadhav says yes, but she isn’t a minor, her friend said Jhanvi had seen the murderer of Ritu. Vikrant is shocked. He thinks did Jhanvi see me, but how can this happen. He says the case is solved, Bittu confessed that he killed Ritu. Jadhav says no, he told something to Dev before dying, so Dev isn’t shutting the case. Vikrant says thanks, I wish nothing happens to Jhanvi. Jadhav asks what do you mean, is she in danger. Vikrant says no, she is young, she will get troubled. Jadhav says Dev will take Jhanvi to magistrate office for giving statement. Vikrant says fine, thanks for the update. Jhanvi leaves from the school. She looks for Dev. She gets Dev’s message. She leaves. Dev waits for her. Dev calls her. She doesn’t answer. He gets the senior’s call. He says yes, I m getting the witness. He says where are you Jhanvi, did anything happen to her. He runs to the school. He asks a girl about Jhanvi. The girl says she left the class. He says she isn’t answering, its okay. Dev sees Vikrant coming. He stands in front of the car. Vikrant asks did you get mad. Dev catches his collar and asks where is Jhanvi, did you kill her. Vikrant asks what do you mean. Dev says come out of the car, I need to check your car. He checks the car. Vikrant asks shall I go now. Dev asks how long will you get saved, I know you have killed Ritu and Bittu, what did you do with Jhanvi, did you kill her, you are a sinner, your sin pot is full, your end is close, I will finish you. Vikrant says you go and get some treatment, you have gone mad. He leaves.

Vikrant smiles seeing Kirti. They get engaged. Everyone claps. Dev gets caught by the police.