Keh Doon Tumhein 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant kills Bittu

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Keh Doon Tumhein 12th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vikrant saying I want to marry you, I would marry you today if you say yes. She smiles. He asks what shall I think of this smile. She says I didn’t say yes, Bua called me, we will talk later. She thinks I trust you a lot, I didn’t know you love me so much, I have to decide something soon. Dev says we will make Bittu admit the truth today. Jadhav asks Bittu to wake up. Dev asks Bittu to get up. They see the blood on the table. Dev checks Bittu. He checks his pulse and finds him dead.

He says he is dead. He asks Garud to call the doctor. 10 hours back, Vikrant enters the police station. He sees Jadhav outside the door. He thinks I had given a good chance to Bittu, but he didn’t listen. The man gets the tea and samosa for Bittu, and separate tea cup for Jadhav. He collides with the man. Jadhav’s tea falls. Vikrant says sorry, I will clean it. The man says let it be, I will do. Vikrant adds poison in the tea. He thinks you will die slowly after consuming this poison and no one will know that you died because of this poison. He leaves. The man takes the tea and samosa for Bittu. Jadhav says I will drink the tea and gives samosa to Bittu. The man says that tea isn’t for you, I was bringing special ginger tea for him, I will get hot tea for you. Jadhav says fine, go. He takes the samosa and tea for Bittu. Vikrant smiles and leaves. Jadhav asks Bittu to have samosa and tea. He unties one hand of Bittu. Bittu drinks the tea. FB ends. Dev says the truth will get buried. He asks what did he eat, did anyone come here. Jadhav says no, he was fine. Dev asks did anyone come to meet Bittu. Jadhav thinks no one came today, Sarkar came yesterday. He says no one came here. Dev says Bittu has eaten something, he was fine sometime back. Vikrant says 10 hours got over, it means Bittu’s chapter got closed, my truth also went with him, just Bittu could have brought my truth out, now he also left the world. He smiles and thinks I had to kill someone to save myself. He stops himself and says I was helpless to kill Bittu, else I would have been in jail, I won’t kill anyone from now, I will free even my conscience, I m going to start a new life with Kirti, there will be just love, I m going to marry, I m freeing you today, go away.

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Dev says after post mortem report comes, we will know how Bittu died, what were you two doing, how did he die. He scolds Jadhav and Garud. They say we kept an eye on Bittu. Dev asks who will answer for this big blunder, I have to answer, how will I catch the culprit. Jadhav says no one came to meet him, I don’t know how did this happen. Dev shouts shut up, you both ruined everything. He says I know who did this.

He thinks how did Vikrant do this, I will find out. He screams in anger. Kirti is with Puru at home. She asks him to have vegetables, then he will get powerful. He eats the food. Vikrant comes. Everyone greets. His servants get the shagun. He says I have come to ask for Kirti’s hand. Kirti and everyone are surprised. Puru says you want to marry mumma, then I will call you Papa, not Sarkar uncle. Vikrant says I told you, I will always protect you, I want to protect your mumma also. He goes to Kirti and proposes her for marriage. He asks can you, me and Puru start a new life, do you want to spend your entire life with me. Neha says how romantic, say yes. Madhuri says say yes, Kirti. Puru says please say yes. Kirti says I want to spend my life with you, Vikrant. Everyone smiles and hugs Kirti.

Vikrant makes Kirti wear the ring. Everyone claps. Dev gets a call. The senior scolds Dev. He says Bittu died in the police station, is this a joke, shame on you, I m suspending you right away. Dev is shocked. The senior asks him to come back to Bhopal. Dev fumes.

Dev sits drinking. He says I won’t lose, I will play a game, you will get trapped. Vikrant says get out of Bhopal, else you won’t go out of here. Dev asks a girl about Ritu. She says I saw Vikrant taking an unconscious Ritu to his car. Dev thinks how will you get saved now, Sarkar.