Kavya 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shubh visits Kavya

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The Episode starts with Jaideep worrying. Kavya and Adhiraj come and apologize. Jaideep asks what would we reply to your families, what sorry, go in and take rest, we will meet at 8am tomorrow. He goes. Omi signs Adhiraj to go and sleep. He leaves. Anusha hugs Kavya and says love you. Kavya says I love you too, take a chill pill, such little things happen in big cities. Adhiraj smiles. Sanjeev hugs him and asks what happened, did you get beaten up. Adhiraj says I have beaten them. Karan asks what happened. Adhiraj sits to tell them a story of his bravery. Karan says macho man. Anusha says that’s cool, but Kavya didn’t say that. Adhiraj says Kavya fainted, she doesn’t remember it. Kavya says I can’t take it. They all laugh at Adhiraj for getting beaten up.

Its morning, Malini calls Adhiraj and asks how are you. He says I m fine. She says I was so worried, how is Kavya. He says she is fine, you worry for her more than me. She says make me talk to her. Adhiraj gives the phone to Kavya. Kavya greets Malini. Malini asks are you okay, call your mummy, she was worried for me. Kavya says you know what happened with Navya. Malini says yes. Kavya says my mum got a friend in you. Malini says don’t worry about her, focus on your training, you struggled to get this project, not everyone is like you, keep it up. Kavya thanks her. Giriraj takes the phone and taunts Kavya.

He says hospital won’t be built, you don’t need to make the project. She asks what. He says I m buying that land for my project, you prepare to go back to the academy. Omi says Kavya’s heart will be broken knowing dad is buying the hospital land. Adhiraj asks what. Kavya says I m listening. Giriraj says you are alone, you can’t do anything, go back to the academy. He ends call and laughs. Kavya goes to Adhiraj and asks did you know your dad is buying the hospital land. He says yes, but… She cries. Omi talks to Giriraj. He says I have told Adi what you said. He recalls his words. Giriraj says Kavya was angry. Omi says she is arguing with Adi. Adhiraj says its nothing like that. The man comes to call them. Kavya goes. Jaideep says pack your bags, we are returning back to the academy. Kavya says we have worked hard. He says safety comes first, lets leave. She tries to convince him. She says we won’t run away. He says fine, I respect your emotions. He asks what does the other OTs think. They all agree with Kavya. Jaideep says its fine then, remember, no unnecessary risk. Kavya thanks him. She says we have to stay in the battle ground like a warrior, even if there is someone with you or not.

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Shubh comes and says I m with you, Kavya. She asks how did you come here. He says I couldn’t live without you, I thought to come and meet you, help you. She says no, I don’t want your help. Payal asks who is this guy. Shubh greets Jaideep. Payal says Jaideep is his dad, now I understand everything. Jaideep asks what are you doing here. Shubh says sorry, I can’t let Kavya struggle alone. Jaideep says I can’t allow this. Shubh says I promise, I won’t do anything that spoils your name, trust me. Payal argues with Kavya and calls it nepotism.

Adhiraj defends Kavya. Kavya says its okay, I can explain my stand. She explains Payal. Adhiraj tries to talk to Kavya. Shubh also comes to talk to her. They look at each other. Kavya comes to the hospital. She talks to the vendor. She says what will I do now. Shubh says Navya mattered a lot to me also, sorry to step on her watch, I came here to support you. She says I don’t have time. He says I know I was wrong, I realized my mistake, I was being mad, forgive me. She says I have much work. He says I couldn’t move on without you, I missed you, I love you, Kavya.

Kavya takes the lady to the hospital premises and delivers her baby. The baby doesn’t cry. The villagers get angry and reach the hospital.