Kavya 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya learns Adi is in danger

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The Episode starts with Badi Amma asking Anurag to trust her, she will make him the king. She goes. He says I don’t have time. He calls someone and asks him to leave for Bhamalpur. Its morning, Santu recalls Badi Amma’s words. He says I remember what Amma ji told. Kavya asks him to say. He says she said he got saved again, Adi got saved. Kavya says what else did she say, everyone knows that Adi was attacked and got saved, you eat almonds. Adi talks to his PA. The girl gets scared of his scolding and cries. He smiles and asks her to prepare to leave. Kavya asks Naina are you fine. Naina says I m nervous, its my first week. Kavya says all the best. She comes to Adi and says we will do twinning. They argue. She says I have lost my respect, job and love, I will get it back, remember. He wears black clothes. He says sorry, green isn’t the colour, do I look good. They both leave in different cars. Adi comes to Kavya. She says we should go in same car. They reach the venue. Anurag smiles seeing the big chairs. Giriraj says Amma, the people love Adi a lot. Adi and Kavya come there. The people welcome Kavya with garlands.

Naina says you can take rest, room is ready. She drops the file and sorry. Adi says its okay, don’t be sorry. Kavya says we will go for a campaign. Adi takes Badi Amma’s blessings. He hugs Giriraj and Anurag. Anurag thinks you are going to die. The men take the chair. The chair falls. Kavya says its okay. The man says its special chair for Adi. Kavya’s phone drops. She sees some wires under the chair. She leaves. Anurag looks on and scolds him. She meets the inspector and talks about Omi’s case. She takes his help.

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Giriraj praises Adi’s political skills. He talks to Badi Amma. Anurag talks to the man. The man says the bomb will blast on the stage. Kavya sees the inspector’s pic and asks is it your pic. He says yes, I was in bomb squad. She asks about the wires. He says it was dangerous bomb. She gets Santu’s call. Santu says I remember what Amma ji said. He tells her. Kavya is shocked. She recalls the wires. She gets worried. She says I want bomb squad, there is a bomb in the rally. Inspector says we have no orders. She says you trust me, come with me. They leave. She calls Adi. Adi goes towards the stage. Kavya asks will you handle this. Inspector says yes. She prays for Adi. Adi donates the blankets to the people. He gets Kavya’s call. Kavya says there is a bomb, leave the place. He says don’t make stories. She says I have seen the wires under the chair. Adi says please stop it, I trust my team, don’t call again. Anurag asks Badi Amma to come with him. He says I have done what I wanted, you will hear noise now. Adi greets everyone.

Kavya comes to Badi Amma and confronts her. Badi Amma asks what will you do. Adi comes to some event. A blast happens there.