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The Episode starts with Kavya seeing Adhiraj suffering from neck sprain. She takes the haldi lep. She goes to offer help. He resists at first. She insists. He smiles and signs her to apply the haldi lep. Tu mera kuch hoke…plays… They have a moment. She lies on the bed. He lies on the floor. She sleeps. He also tries to sleep. She recalls the villagers’ wrath. She wakes up and sees Adhiraj sleeping. She goes by his side and lies down. She says I can’t make a new habit, I have no courage to face a heartbreak again. Adhiraj hears her and opens eyes. He turns and sees her sleeping beside him. The lady sees them and calls her husband. She asks when will you come home, okay, I will be careful…. Jaideep asks the manager to call the cops. Giriraj calls him and asks him not to inform the police. Jaideep asks what do you mean. Giriraj says if you call the police, then the news will spread like wildfire, do you understand, your academy was in news last week as well, I can’t save you this time, my son is stuck with that girl for the second time. Jaideep says I m trying my best to find them. Giriraj says no one should know this, even my men are searching for them. Jaideep says yes, I do understand, but the villagers can find them before we reach them. Kavya sees the lady’s husband, the hospital watchman, coming home. She hears them. Karan says its 11 pm, Adhiraj and Kavya didn’t come. Sanjeev says they are unreachable. Anusha says I hope everything is fine. They ask the manager about Adhiraj and Kavya. Manager says I didn’t see them. Payal says but we are seeing you.

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They ask him again. The manager tells them everything. He says we are finding them, don’t worry. Malini says I think I should call Kavya’s mum and inform her. Giriraj says no, don’t call, I spoke to Jaideep, he said he will find them. Malini says we are their parents and we are worried. Giriraj says you don’t spread the news, I had gone to party office, I spoke to them about Omi, they refused to give ticket to Omi, they said they will give the ticket to Adhiraj, he is sensible, unlike Omi, if this news comes out, then he will face a problem. Malini says you are a politician first and then a father. He says I will handle this, but I need some time.

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