Kavya 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Giriraj creates hurdles for Kavya

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The Episode starts with Adhiraj saying I got ginger tea for you, have it. Omi smiles and says you come with me, stay in a good lodge, you won’t get sleep here. Adhiraj says its okay, I have to stay with the team. Kavya always scolds me. Kavya visits the hospital. She recalls Navya and cries. The guard says she snatched my son, my son just got fever, when I got him here, he was fine, when Navya gave him an injection, he died in my hands, she died by committing suicide, she won’t even get a place in hell, its my curse. Kavya cries. Adhiraj says you just talk like dad. Omi says I feel dad also gives me respect. Adhiraj says look at me, you will see your respect and love. Omi says you get senti. Adhiraj talks of Kavya. Omi says I understand everything, take care. He goes. Anjali cleans the house. She scolds Mayank. She gets Malini’s call. Malini says we met in the academy. Anjali says yes, how are you. Malini says I m good, can we meet at my place. Anjali says yes, I felt glad meeting you. Malini tells the address and asks shall I send driver to pick you. Anjali says sure.

Anjali ends call and says Kavya has become IAS, our status has changed, we are getting invite from big houses, what will I wear, I should look I m IAS’s mother. Everyone gets into a pillow fight. Kavya comes. Anusha checks the papers. She asks did you do all the work today. Payal says it was a resting day, no cheating. They all don’t give her the papers. Kavya runs and falls over Adhiraj. They get into a moment. Adhiraj jokes. She asks did you do some work. He says yes. He shows the file. Manager comes and asks what are you all doing. Adhiraj says timepass. Manager says you all have to wake up at 5am, go and sleep, villagers said that ghost comes once. Sanjeev says don’t tell this story to me. Adhiraj asks will you save me if ghost comes. Kavya says yes, but ghost doesn’t catch ghost. Its morning, Kavya calls some cement supplier. The man says I can’t give the supply. She says I don’t have much time. He ends call. Omi argues with a man. He starts beating him. Giriraj asks Omi not to beat the man. He says you have to become a big politician, keep patience, control your anger. He asks Bansi to give 10 lakhs to the man and ask him to go away from the market.

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Kavya talks to Adhiraj. Anjali calls her. Kavya says I don’t have time. Mayank says leave it, don’t go. Anjali says it’s a big thing for me, Malini has no work with me, I m going there to have tea with her, Gauri will be shocked knowing I had gone to Giriraj’s house. Kavya asks the man about the paint supply. The man refuses and goes. Adhiraj talks to Anjali and helps her select the saree. Kavya comes and sees Anjali on the video call. She says Adhiraj suggested the good one, wear that one only, I will talk to you later. She gives Adhiraj his phone. Kavya thanks him.

She says I feel everyone is refusing to supply the goods, I will find out why this is happening. Anjali gets decked up. Mayank asks her to just come. She does makeup. She asks how do I look. He says very nice, come. She leaves. Kavya thinks of Jaideep’s words. She asks a man about the way to the govt hospital. The man guides her. He asks why are you going there. She says I have medical equipment supply business, I can’t supply anything, I m going to inform them. He asks did you get a call. She says yes, did you get a call. He says someone asked me not to supply anything there. He asks about the name of the caller or the number. He says I don’t know the name, I don’t have the number, maybe my son deleted it while playing games. She thanks him. She says someone doesn’t want me to open the hospital.

Adhiraj confronts Omi. Kavya looks on and thinks Adi told the vendor details to his brother.