Kavya 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya learns Adhiraj is Giriraj’s son

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The Episode starts with Kavya calling Mayank and asking him why is he saying anything about Jaideep. She says think and talk, it was my mistake. Jaideep recalls Gauri’s words. He says I want a psychological evaluation report of Kavya before the project. Ms. Sinha says she is fine. He says she has risked her life and also her colleagues’ life, its my right and duty to know this. She says okay. She says whoever has leaked the video will not be spared. Adhiraj sees Kavya upset and asks her to smile. She says I was going to marry Jaideep’s son. Adhiraj asks who. He realizes it and recalls her words. He jokes that drama follows her. She says its not a time to joke, if I fail, my one year will get waste, Sir wants this to happen.

She recalls Jaideep’s words. Adhiraj asks why are you telling this to me. She says I thought you won’t judge me, what happened. He asks her to go and beg to Jaideep, else become a victim in front of the press and get him fired, you won’t do this, you are a good girl, they will ask you such questions. She says what nonsense. He says they will become tough at you, they will try to break you, answer me, why did you jump down. She says I can never think of suicide. He says maybe its your weak point. She says I m not weak. He asks her not to lose so easily. She reminds him her argument with Giriraj. Adhiraj says I agree, it was good show. She says I handled his ego well, I m not scared of this little evaluation, I can do it. Giriraj comes to the academy. Kavya speaks against Giriraj. Adhiraj says he is a nice person. Kavya says no, I boycott and insult such ministers. Kavya throws a paper ball. Giriraj comes and catches it. She gets shocked seeing him. Rajeev asks where is Mayank, even the flight expenses… Anjali says we have to meet Kavya. Mayank gets an auto rickshaw. Rajeev and Anjali ask him to take care of the house. Malini comes with Giriraj. She hugs Adhiraj. Giriraj blesses Adhiraj and smiles. Kavya looks on.

She asks do you know him, Adi. Adhiraj says Neta ji, you have no vote bank here, how did you come. He asks Malini how is she. Giriraj says I had to come, son. Kavya is shocked. Giriraj says I came to see you, you are hurt. He sees Kavya and taunts her. He throws the paper ball in the bin. He says see, I remember your name. Adhiraj taunts on Giriraj’s fatherly love. Malini asks Adhiraj about the tests. Adhiraj says I m alive, tell Neta ji, he won’t get the sympathy. Kavya says I will wait outside. Malini asks why, stay here and rest. Adhiraj argues with Giriraj. He feels hurt. Malini shouts to call nurse. Giriraj says he is fine, he will know what’s a hero when he does something in between the public. Kavya says thanks, you have given good values to your son, he isn’t hesitant to help anyone, he has saved me many times. Giriraj says don’t get habitual, what will happen about your women empowerment image, Adi doesn’t have a habit to keep relations. Adhiraj says I have my dad’s genes, but I have learnt few things from my mum’s upbringing. Giriraj leaves.

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Malini asks why do you argue with him. Adhirah says its okay, he is my dad. Malini hugs him and goes to Giriraj. He says you got me insulted. She says you both don’t get along well, I will stay here, you go, I m not alone, you can stay if you want. He says no. The man says press wants to talk to you. Giriraj says tell them that my son is fine and he has saved a girl, she is also fine. Malini says Giriraj is happy, his son and that girl are fine. The man goes. Giriraj says I can’t leave you alone, I can’t work without you. She says I know. Kavya asks why didn’t you say that your dad is Giriraj Pradhan. Adhiraj says even you didn’t tell me about your dad. She says you were hearing about your dad. He laughs and says yes, I liked to hear all that, I saved you, did you forget it. She says thanks. He says welcome. Jaideep comes and sees them. He asks how is your hand. Adhiraj says better. Kavya says uncle… Jaideep says Sir. She says I didn’t make that video. He says your psychologic evaluation is there tomorrow, your one year will get waste if you aren’t fine, why are you surprised, one should be fit, physically and mentally also, govt has a right to evaluate the country’s future.

Kavya is worried. She goes for the mental evaluation. Jaideep gets the report from the doctor. Kavya says I want to get approved for the project. Ms. Sinha puts the list.