Kavya 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya tries to get a proof

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The Episode starts with Giriraj and Adi arguing about Kavya. Adi says I will prove Bunty’s truth to Kavya. He goes. Giriraj says I will be happy when Kavya leaves my house and your heart. Sanjeev gives the clothes to Kavya and says I don’t find it right. Kavya says talk slowly, if Adi takes Bunty’s money then his career will be under risk, if I get caught then I will be blamed, I have to get the papers of the witness’ statement. Badi Amma shows the papers to Bunty. She says we have to change the papers before Adi reaches there. Bunty says I can’t do it, you are so scary, I will practice it on the way. He goes. Anurag says he can’t do it, what shall we do now. She says we have to handle it now. Sanjeev asks Kavya to get ready fast. Kavya says I m going there for my love. Alka gets breakfast for her. Alka refuses to talk to Sanjeev and goes. Sanjeev says maybe she was in a hurry, I told a lot to her last night. Kavya says tell me, what is it. He says I told her my feelings. Kavya asks what feelings. He says I like her. She asks do you want to marry her. He says yes, sorry. Kavya recalls Alka’s words.

She says I m happy, step ahead if she says yes, Omi is also with her. Kavya leaves. Adi calls out Bunty. Bunty drops the file. He lies to Adi. Adi asks him to come, he will drop him. Kavya comes to the municipal office in disguise of a worker. Adi and Bunty also come there. Kavya enters the land dept office and checks for some file. Dubey’s PA comes. Kavya lies to him and says its my first day here. He says don’t touch the files, Dubey will come, clean the room and come out. He goes. Alka says Adi also left without having breakfast, he went to municipal office. Kavya asks about Dubey’s room. Kavya gets the file and checks. She informs Sanjeev about the witness’ statement. Adi comes there and knocks the door. Sanjeev and Alka argue. She says I don’t like you. He says swear on me and say it. she says yes. She leaves.

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Kavya puts the veil on her face and acts. Adi says we will wait for Dubey here. Bunty says we will come later, we will go and have tea and samosa in canteen. Kavya stops Adi and asks him not to leave. Adi says get away. She says come and sit. He says be away and talk, Bahen ji. She says don’t call me Bahenji. She gets water and spills it on Adi. She says I will dry your clothes, there is no problem. He says get away. She says I think you are scared of your wife or love her a lot. He says get away, you go and be with your husband.

Dubey comes there and talks to his wife on call. Adi and Bunty talk to Dubey. Dubey drops the file and asks Kavya to pick it. He gets busy on call. Adi says keep phone on silent for sometime. Adi gets the file. Kavya smiles. Bunty sneezes and makes the file fall. Kavya tries to take the file. Badi Amma comes there in disguise and changes the papers. Kavya and Bunty see Badi Amma.

Reporters ask Kavya about the charges on Adi. She says I will support the truth.