Kavya 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi thanks Shubh

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The Episode starts with Shubh recalling consoling Anjali and going to donate blood. Adi says I told you I will get blood. Nurse says we called you many times, but your phone was off. Doctor says we couldn’t wait for long, it was a critical situation. Shubh says sorry, it was imp to save Kavya and baby. Kavya asks was the baby’s life in danger. Doctor says yes, Shubh saved you and your baby. Adi thanks Shubh and hugs him. Rajeev asks are you fine. Kavya says yes, and baby too. He thanks Shubh. Shubh says don’t say this, I have been your family’s part till now, its my luck that I could save Kavya and her baby’s lives. Adi cries. Shubh asks Kavya to take care. He leaves. Kavya asks where is mumma. They see Anjali standing behind the curtain.

Shubh asks is Kavya fine. Doctor says yes. Anubha comes. Doctor says when she has a brother like you, then how can something happen to her. Shubh says no, I m her friend. She says sorry and goes. He sees Anubha and starts acting.

She asks are you okay. He nods. Rajeev says doctor said he will send you in a few hours. Malini says I will feed you well at home. Kavya asks where is mumma. Rajeev asks her to have the soup. She says no, I will die here. Anjali comes and says your enemies should die. Kavya asks her to come and feed the soup to her. Anjali holds her. Kavya says I can’t get fine without your care. Anjali feeds her the soup. She says I m guilty, I made a mistake. Kavya asks who told you so, I m sorry. They cry.

She asks Anjali to hug her. She says it’s a conspiracy to frame you, I will find out who did this. Rajeev also apologizes. Adi goes to Giriraj and asks how did Anjali fall in this mess, why was Vinay after Anjali. Giriraj lies to Adi. He says I will investigate this matter well. Adi says you mean you have no involvement in this matter. Giriraj says you are doubting your dad. Adi says no, but I don’t trust you completely. Giriraj says I m not corrupt, I m sad and worried, Anjali is sincere, how did she get trapped in this matter, you are saying I did this, it’s a sin to think of this. Adi says don’t worry, if someone did this, then I will find out. Giriraj worries. Adi says don’t break my trust. Giriraj says yes. Adi leaves.

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Anubha comes to Kavya and asks how are you. Kavya says better, why did you come here. Anubha says Vinay gave some info. Kavya says tell me, we can’t stop the work. Anubha says Giriraj took the money from Vinay. She recalls Vinay taking Giriraj’s name. She says Giriraj opened a trust fund on Anjali’s name, this is Vinay’s statement, Anjali didn’t get the money in her account so her name will get cleared. Kavya says this isn’t happening for the first time, I will tell Adi. Adi comes to the hospital with flowers. He talks to Alka on call. Anubha goes. Shubh comes and helps Kavya.

He says I m concerned for you. Adi and Anubha come and look on. Adi trashes the flowers. Shubh says I will drop you, Anubha. They leave. Kavya stops Adi for a talk.

She asks are you angry or hiding something. He signs no. She says you are fooling me. She asks him to say.

Anubha comes to arrest Giriraj. He says I will go to jail when Anjali gets jailed.