Katha Ankahee 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan talks to Mr. Garewal.

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Aarav has already lost his father once, he can not afford to lose Robin. Katha tells that nobody stopped him from loving Aditya just like that no one will stop him from loving Viaan as well. Katha really needs Aarav’s help, he hugs her asking if she can live without him. Katha has to, there is no other choice, Aarav would have to become man of the house again, they will recreate their old small life. Aarav will forever be here Aarav promises to do whatever she says. Aarav cried missing Viaan. Kavita heard their conversation.

Teeji cries for Viaan as the doctor dose him with anesthesia. The doctor advise Teeji not to have Viaan stressed. Teeji cried, Vanya doesn’t know how to console her, she knows about Teeji’s love for Viaan, as long as he is here she will suffer with him. Vanya assures about Viaan’s recovery, she is here for anything. Teeji grabs Vanya’s hand calling her child, she insists Vanya to sit besides her. Vanya wipes Teeji’s tears.

Ehsan sees Viaan, overhears Maya talking on the phone. Ehsan questions Maya for forcing Katha to breakup with Viaan, she isn’t the one to leave her loved ones in trouble. Maya forbids him to talk to her in that tone, she is like a mother to Ehsan and knows what is better for her children. Ehsan refuse, his aunt is cruel lady who knows nothing except scheming against his loved ones. Ehsan will tell Viaan everything, they will bring her back in the house.

Ehsan calls Katha who doesn’t pick up. Vanya asks Ehsan about Katha not being here, realizes that she broke up with Viaan. Ehsan tells that situation has become complicated but he will fix it. Vanya worries, she knew that Ehsan was trying to protect them both, there is something special between them. Ehsan assures, he will bring them back. Vanya reminds Ehsan about his confession, Ehsan recalls but denies remembering. Ehsan was drunk, he doesn’t remember anything.

Katha packs her stuff, Kavita questions her for hiding it from here, she heard Katha talking to Aarav. Katha didn’t want to keep it a secret. Kavita wants to know the reason. Katha can not tell, the truth will ruin their family. Kavita has always been on Katha’s side, she requests her to give Viaan another chance is possible. Katha refuse, some people have left her with no choice. Kavita questions, she will fight all those people. Katha knows. Kavita requests Katha not to tell Mr. Garewal, he blames himself for everything, worries about facing Aditya. Mr. Garewal dreamt about Katha’s wedding but everything went opposite, Viaan is in hospital, Yuvraj is in jail.

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Katha goes to Mr. Garewal who asks her about Viaan. He is apologetic for everything. Katha hugs him, asks about Yuvraj. Mr. Garewal tells that Yuvraj refuse to talk. Katha wants permission to go back to her home, she needs some time to clear her mind. Kavita wants Katha to do whatever she likes. Mr. Garewal will neither stop nor force Katha for anything. The driver will drop Katha home. Mr. Garewal leaves.

Viaan wakes up and calls Katha, her number was off. Viaan calls Mr. Garewal asking about Katha and Aarav. Mr. Garewal tells that Katha was with him, he apologies for everything. Mr. Garewal assures him about fixing it all. Viaan called to ask for his help, informs that Katha ended their relationship. Mr. Garewal was bewildered, he wants to know why Yuvraj attacked Viaan, why Katha is moving away, what did Viaan do. Viaan accepts about committing a mistake, but for now he needs to fix his relationship with Katha, he can not live without her and Aarav. Mr. Garewal understands, who knows what is love. Mr. Garewal used to doubt Viaan but than he won his heart. Viaan requests Mr. Garewal to help him. Viaan did commit a mistake, she punished him for it but saved him as well. Mr. Garewal questions, Katha is going to her house. Viaan begs Mr. Garewal to try and help him, Katha is moving back to her old life , he wants to fix everything, bring Katha to his home.

Mr. Garewal barges in the house questioning Katha for ending her relationship with Viaan. He requests her to tell the reason, he will fix everything. Katha knows that he wants to make amends. Katha tells that she can not let this topic out. She can not tell the reason to his father, requests Mr. Garewal to never question it again.

PRECAP: Katha moves back to her house. Teeji realizes that Katha is Viaan’s savior. Ehsan informs Viaan about Meera being the mastermind behind this chaos. Katha receives a call.