Katha Ankahee 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan becomes friends with Raghav

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Viaan mentions Katha is his life and poetry so why is she arguing with him, he explains that the things cannot be changed so why is she arguing, Viaan says she came in front of everyone suggesting he must move on but he cannot, Katha hesitantly explains that she is still with him by his side, but the world moved on and they see her as the one making relations with new people but she is still here and they do not know that she never moved on, the doctor comes asking Katha what is all this questioning if she loves Viaan, Katha is not able to say anything when he asks her to reply questioning if she does not even love him a bit, he demands the answer from her. Katha suddenly is asked if she is fine by a water so Katha nods when the waiter leaves.

Katha sees Viaan on the stage who explains that his love story was the one in which he only got a heart break but he will surely keep writing about it in his poetry. Katha starts breathing heavily.4

The parents of Raghav are discussing how good is Katha looking but Vicky says that it seems she is advising their son Raghav on how to perform the consultation, his mother replies that she is saying that if Vicky uncle cracks another joke then she would not let it go easily, Pari says that the person who laughs on his own joke has no right to say anything, Vicky says that he knows Aarav really likes his joke, Pari replies she knows they both are very nice and their house has become very good, Vicky uncle says that Aarav is a very nice child but would have suffered so much in his life that he got anger issues, Aarav hears their conversation so angrily enters into his room and starts remembering how he used to enjoy a lot with his Robin, he angrily starts questioning why does Robin not go from his memories.

Katha entering the room consoles Aarav assuring that everything is fine and they would not be able to move ahead in lfie if he does not forgive Viaan from the depths of his heart, Aarav replies that his dream has been shattered but Katha reminds him that life is unpredictable and they should only give importance to fill their life with joyful moments. Aarav accepts that he loved Viaan a lot because of which he still misses hi, Katha convinces Aarav to forget the past and move on.

Viaan is singing the poetry books when Raghav and Ruhi come so she praises him for being a very good poetry, Viaan suggests she should not only read his poetry but also novels because they help them meet other people, so he advises her to read something which is happy. Ruhi replies that she also reads some other books, Dr Singh greets Viaan from behind praising him for his poetry, he also asks when is Raghav going to leave so he replies he thought of talking with Viaan had he got some time, Misses Singh offers to drop Ruhi so Raghav says that she needs to leave as she has her school tomorrow, Ruhi leaves requesting Viaan to be the friend of her father. Raghav says that Viaan has broken his heart hearing which Viaan gets worried when Raghav says that he is not very good with words because of which he has gotten very close to suffer a beating, Viaan agrees to take any punishment when Raghav mentions it will just be a hug, Raghav admits that he thought of leaving this place but when he saw Viaan then could not leave. Raghav is sure that Viaan suffered a heartbreak as he has also witnessed it, Viaan says that Raghav should first tell about his heart break story. Viaan and Raghav both are drinking when he says that he cannot understand how can anyone leave someone who is so calm as Viaan, he replies he only just has questions in his heart. Raghav stops Viaan suggesting he should let her pains be his words, as they all just have the broken promises and their memories, Viaan mentions all these memories are very beautiful, he says he just wants to ask them if he did not deserve that happiness.

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Katha is sitting beside Aarav who is sleeping, she remembers when she asked Aarav if he is happy here and likes Raghav so Aarav replies that Ruhi told him how her mother hurt Raghav but he is very nice and does not hurt anyone, Katha tells Aarav how she knew he would like it here which is why they came here, Katha mentions sometimes they have to change their location to forget their past which is why all of their problems will now go to their previous address, Aarav mentions he gets very angry by just remembering him, Katha mentions she does not want that anyone should suffer a heart break, Katha informs that the entire family of Raghav are very nice so they both also need to make their life better, she makes him promise to never get sad after thinking about the things that happened in their past, she asks him to sleep now but is really worried.

Viaan tells Raghav he has waited all these months just to see her but when he went to her house he found that she had left, Raghav calls it deception however Viaan says he does not know what it was but it never was deception, Viaan mentions he desired she should have at least met him for once, because she used to give a lot of importance to him but he is just looking for that importance, Viaan apologizes when Raghav asks if he is sorry for sharing what is in his heart, Raghav asks Viaan to come with him to which he agrees.

Raghav while walking to the parking is singing and says that Viaan is the poet, Raghav explains that he got a thought of a poet, he explains they also have a world inside of them so Viaan needs to reveal everything, Viaan is not moved but Raghav says he knows it is very dramatic but what if the words can actually help, Raghav forces Viaan to speak what is in his heart, Viaan while standing in the parking just questions why, he says why are they not together after being under the same moon. He asks why did she force him to make him live in the darkness when she knows that she does not need anything to see him so why is she lying to herself and staying away from him.

Katha standing by the window is also remembering how the moments spent with Viaan and how he asked if she would support him, she lies down on the bed to sleep.

Viaan and Raghav are laughing in the car when Viaan says that he does not know how time passed but the night is still left so what should they do now, Raghav suggests they should go to his house and if they need anything else then can purchase it.

Precap: Viaan tells Raghav that he still has his love while his love left him, Katha walks out of the room and is shocked to see Viaan with Raghav.