Katha Ankahee 24th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha and Viaan confront each other.

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Ruhi gets excited seeing Viaan’s poster, he is her idol who is performing here tonight. Katha was in shock. Raghav tells that Viaan is poet whose poetry he has been reading lately. His first book was named Katha Ankahee. There is depth and peace in his metaphors. Raghav thinks that Viaan must have loved someone deeply, she must be the luckiest girl alive. Ruhi cannot believe that she will be meeting Viaan. Ruhi knows that Raghav considers himself cool, but Viaan tops him. Raghav is excited to meet him as well. Katha recalls the day she ended things with Viaan. A person greets Raghav. Raghav introduces his family to him, daughter Ruhi and fiancée Katha. They weren’t sent to be seated as they were the chief guests.

The host greets Viaan congratulating him for launch of his book.

Rahav flirts with Katha, they were informed about Viaan’s arrival. Ruhi wanted to meet him, the lady tells that Viaan will come over to meet the chief guest. Katha hesitates, she made an excuse to leave the place but Raghav insists her to stay.

Teeji blames herself for running everything, Vanya comforts her. Teeji thinks of having Viaan and Katha here every day, they would cook together while she and Aarav would wait for them on the table. They would have been happy together. Teeji realizes now they there were perfect together. Vanya cannot believe that Viaan and Katha are no longer together, hopes that they meet again.

Viaan meets Raghav and Ruhi. Ruhi loves his Urdu poetry though she is too young for it. She is a big fan. Raghav tells that though they are meeting for the first time but his Katha stays with him forever, he refers to the book. Viaan leaves after giving them an autograph. Raghav notices Katha not being around.

Katha breaths heavily in the women’s room. She recalls the day she gave statement against Viaan in the police station. She tried to explain the completed situation that prevailed at the Garewal Mansion. The lawyer questions, Viaan pulled the trigger while Yuvraj tried to snatch it. Katha wanted to clarify Viaan’ position but the Lawyer didn’t let her. Katha talked to a lawyer asking if Viaan will win the case or not. The lawyer assured. Arav refused to accept Viaan as a father. Viaan hurt his mother and him. Aarav doesn’t want to live with Viaan anymore. Katha thinks that Aarav is becoming like Viaan, when he hated his father. It’s better to give Aarav space and time to heal from this trauma, bad will come if they face each other. Katha cannot stay here, she calls Raghav to tell that she is going home, isnt feeling well. Raghav wanted to some along, Katha refuse, she has called a cab, will meet him and Ruhi back at home. Raghav agrees. The host calls Viaan on stage.

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Farah has realized her mistake as well. Ehsan wished to have an option of changing the past, the present is too odd for them. Farah apologizes. Ehsan is joking here while everything has changed. He met Yuvraj, who is ashamed of what he did as well. Vanya asks them not to be hopeless, miracles happen. Teeji took care of her after her mother passed away, it is not less than a miracle. Teeji hopes for the same.

Viaan address to Raghav and his audience here today. Katha stops to here Viaan’s poetry. Viaan stand up to state his best poem. While the audience praise and applauds Katha cries listening to his sentences. Viaan stops as he sees Katha inside the hall, there was complete silence, everyone stare at her. Katha comes To Viaan, Raghav stands up. Katha questions Viaan for calling her selfish, thinking that he is the only one who suffered. Katha doesn’t know strong Urdu words but that doesn’t mean that she is heartless. Viaan complains to her for not understanding his love. Even God is merciless for giving and taking life but Katha is making him suffer purposely. She accuses him for doing it again, he is targeting his pain at her, why is he using his pain as an inspiration. Viaan will make it in an inspiration becase she left him, the pain is his love now and he will not let her come in-between that.

PRECAP: Raghav questions Katha about Viaan, if she loves Viaan and not him. He demands an answer. Katha asks Aarav if he likes Raghav. Aarav loves Raghav.