Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Reet tells Mr. Garewal the truth.

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Viaan stops Katha, he listened the other day, wants the same from Katha today. Viaan loves her, and can not imagine his life without her. He got happiness after so long, will not let it go, he went numb when Katha talked about separation, only death can separate them. Viaan knows that she is under pressure, but they can fight anything together. Katha recalls Aarav reaction to a fake story. Katha refuse. Viaan questions.

Mr. Garewal will shoot Viaan, than Yuvraj. Kavita and Reet questions. Mr. Garewal tells Reet that Viaan is at wrong. Mr. Garewal questions, Reet tells that Viaan did Katha wrong, she is marrying him under pressure.

Viaan knows that Maya is behind everything, Viaan will talk to Yuvraj. Teeji knows everything as well, she understands and is willing to fix it. Viaan hugs Katha promising to handle everything, he can not let her go this time.

Reet shows Mr. Garewal and Kavita the video, tells that Maya found the evidence. This video is an evidence of his crime. Mr. Garewal recalls Katha begging him for money for Aarav’s treatment. Mr. Garewal cried, accused himself for everything, he left her alone as a father, to disgrace herself. Katha did it for her child, Mr. Garewal is the one to blame, recalls Viaan admitting his mistake earlier. Mr. Garewal get furious over Viaan for breaking his trust.

Viaan accepts his mistake, Katha did everything for her son. Katha knows how much Viaan burnt in his guilt and changed himself. Viaan wants to change the past but that’s not in his hand. Mr. Garewal questions Viaan, he is not worthy of being a son. Katha loved Viaan, Mr. Garewal wants to take Viaan’s life now. Viaan and Katha asks them to calm down. Viaan accepts his mistake, he is guilty, with that he changed himself. Viaan changed himself after knowing why Katha needed the money, he rebuilt himself only for Katha. Mr. Garewal if it would change the past. Viaan questions, there was a time when the Grewal’s didn’t support Katha, they made amends by giving her love, Viaan is doing the same. They should ask Katha. Yuvraj is concerned about the world. Viaan questions, they will never let it out for Katha’s sake. Viaan is here for Katha, he isn’t answerable to the world. Mr. Garewal knows, accuses Viaan for ruining her daughter, how is he supposed to live with that. Viaan knows that there is a solution for everything, talking it out helps. Viaan is ready to accept every punishment. Katha frees her hand, Viaan questions, begs her not to leave him, don’t push him back to that trauma. Katha doesn’t want to do anything at Aarav’s cost, nobody knew what she did, everything was for her son. Viaan requests Katha to speak her mind. Katha feared this, they did their best but no one supported them. Yuvraj stops Viaan, he got what he deserved at that mundip. Yuvraj can never forget what Viaan did to Katha . Kavita shouts begging everyone to stop this. Viaan apologies to her, he has truly changed, he will do everything to fix the past, everything to help his Katha. Kavita as a mother can not ignore what he did to Katha. Mr. Garewal wants Viaan to be behind bars, he can not take Aditya’s place. Katha speaks in Viaan’s favor, at the time he didn’t know anything about her. There was mutual consensus on everything that happened that night, sometimes bad times forces good people to make mistakes. Mr. Garewal tells that Katha was saving her son, while Viaan was there for something else. Mr. Garewal is at fault for leaving Katha alone amongst animals. Teeji interferes, she understands their pains. Teeji has made a lot of mistakes, and not understanding Katha and Viaan’s love is one of those things. She begs Mr. Garewal to give Viaan a chance. Mr. Garewal stops her, she raised questioned on Katha many times, now she shouldn’t speak. Teeji gets to her knees, its because of her that Viaan grew up considering every girl a old digger. Its because of Katha that Viaan fought with Teeji, his own thoughts and values, of all the people, Viaan respects Katha the most. Teeji begs Mr. Garewal, Katha is Viaan’s life. Katha requests Teeji to stop. Teeji tells that Maya brought this all out, she must not leave Viaan for this. Katha requests everyone from discussing this topics. Yuvraj wants Teeji to take his son away, this topic is giving his parents trauma. Ehsan speaks in Viaan’s favor, he admits that Viaan ha flaws but he changed himself for Katha. If not him, they should trust Katha, she is the wisest person he met, she must have seen Viaan’s guilt to forgive him. Regardless of everything, as the outcome, Viaan saved Aarav and Katha saved Viaan. Yuvraj stops Ehsan and his speech.

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PRECAP: Aarav questions Robin for hurting his mother, he faints. Mr. Garewal wants Katha to have justice, he takes out his gun and points it at Viaan.