Kanwar Dhillon Takes the Lead in Shashi Sumeet’s Upcoming Show


Kanwar Dhillon Takes the Lead in Shashi Sumeet’s Upcoming Show

In the ever-evolving landscape of television, where new shows and strategic moves dominate discussions, Shashi Sumeet Productions has unveiled plans for their upcoming venture. According to insider information, Kanwar Dhillon has been finalized to play the lead role in the new show, signaling a fresh chapter for both the actor and the production house.

Sources close to the show revealed, “We secured Kanwar for the lead role quite some time ago, particularly after the news of his departure from Pandya Store surfaced. Our approach to him for the new show has yielded positive results. While the rest of the casting is yet to be finalized, Kanwar’s participation is confirmed.”

Prior to this confirmation, speculations were rife about Kanwar Dhillon’s potential participation in Bigg Boss 17, initially rumored to be alongside Alice Kaushik. However, the actor took to Instagram to dispel the rumors, stating, “Not doing Bigg Boss this year but will definitely do the show in the near future!” He also hinted at upcoming projects, expressing gratitude to his dedicated fan base for their unwavering support.

In a recent interaction with ETimes TV, Kanwar shared his experience attending his school’s 25-year celebration as the chief guest. Reflecting on the occasion, he said, “Being a chief guest at my school’s event is a proud moment for me. Even though I graduated 15 years ago, the connection remains strong. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of the 25th-year celebration, and I am genuinely thrilled to be here.”

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As anticipation builds for Shashi Sumeet’s upcoming show, Kanwar Dhillon’s involvement adds a new dimension, promising an engaging narrative and performance. Fans eagerly await further details about the show and Kanwar’s role in shaping its storyline.