Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 24th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Amruta calls police on Ahuja’s

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Scene 1
Virat asks Ishika you went to bring glucose but you didn’t. She says it wasn’t there. He says you should have gone in the kitchen instead of the terrace. Why? She says ware you trying to blame me? He says I am not trying, I am blaming you. Because of your disgusting things Amruta or mom family could die. The law doesn’t let go of such crimes and neither do I. Whatever problem you have with her family. Babita comes in. She says you are accusing Ishika. How can you say that? She would never cause us any trouble. Virat says are you sure? she says okay then go. If she does anything, I won’t spare her. Babita asks Ishika to go. Babita pretends that her head is hurting. Virat gives her the medicine. Virat thinks Ishika is plotting something. He says I’ve to be careful.

Deepika says thank God you’re okay. Nimrit says don’t worry about her. Babita says they’re giving me anxiety—Virat wonders who is doing all that. Abhiraj tells BBabita that Mom is coming. Everyone gets happy. Dildar says Kavita’s name made her happiest. See her condition is all good. The police come there. The inspector says we have a complaint against your family. They are shocked. He says the complainant has asked us to only write but if we get a written complaint we’d have a star investigation. Babbitt says what investigation? How dare you? We’re Ahuja’s. Who complained? He says you’re going to harm Jignesh’s family. Everyoen heard a blast here. They think your family did it. Virat says what rubbish? Amrtua says it’s not rubbish. what if this happened to your family? Our middle-class lives don’t matter to you. Virat says so my life is a joke too? Why would I come at the right time and save you adn Mom? Amruta says because you know about the basalt. How did you come here on time? The inspector says there was a hole in the pipe. Amruta thinks one of you did it. If anything happens to them you will go to jail Virat. Virat says wow what a way to say thanks. Babita says we will be careful. Inspector says Amruta call us if you’ve any trouble. He says this is our last warning for Ahuja’s. Babita says we can call the commissioner. The inspector says we are doing our duty for the public. You can call whomever you want. Abhiraj says don’t worry. we will be careful. Viratg gets angry. They leave.

Virat says to Amruta how dare you? She says to stay away. Didn’t you hear what the inspector said? Stay away from me. Can’t tolerate you near me. He says how can you accuse me of such a thing? She says at least I didn’t send you to Jai without proof. I had proof that you went there but I didn’t send you to jail. He says enough. She says no. You better know how you make me feel. If I am near you, you’d get jailed. Virat says you think I did that to your mom? How can I do that to her? I know I am impulsive but I can’t harm someone. If someone accused you of this I’d never trust them. Why would I come to save your life if I wanted to kill you? Amruta says please go. He says can’t I talk? She says no. You manipulate people. Like you manipulated my mom. She forgot what you did. You can’t fool me anymore. Stay away from my family. She leaves.

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Deepika says AMruta must have made the hole in the pipe to accuse us. Bhavani says we will do that next time when they’re near the cylinder ABhiraj says I am sorry Aunty. It shouldn’t have happened but it wasn’t Babita’s fault. Amruta says let it be Raj. Virat says so Rja is saying so you’d let it go? She says I don’t need to answer you. he says don’t show me attitude. Abhira says control. He says I will get you proof amruta. Virat says who are you? Detective. Bbabita says to stay away from these people. Bhavnai says yeah you people better do. Deepika says they’re threatening us, I am scared. Kavita comes in and says grow up Deepika. Stop your B-grade acting. Everyone is shocked to see her. Babita hugs her. Kavita asks who is she. How dare she talk to you so rudely? Bhavani says who are you even? Abhiraj says she’s my mom. Kavita says this is my sister’s house. No one can talk to her like that. Kavitra says do you need an invitation to go from here. Bhavani says we know Abhiraj and Amrua calls him Rja, and he’s very nice so we’re not saying anything. But no one can talk to my daughter like that. Kavita says who are you even? Bhavani says ask your sister. She’s forced us to live here.

Kavita asks who is she. Babita says let her go. She says we are glad you’re here. Kavita says I am here, so don’t worry. I will teach them a lesson. Virat meets her. Babita says finally we’d spend some time together.

Scene 3
Amruta says first he plans all this and then saves to act great. Bhavani asks how did your interview go? She says it didn’t happen. They will do it online. Bhavani says how will you give it here? Amruta says I will handle it. Bhavani goes to the market.

Episode ends