Junooniyat 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan breaks Ilahi’s fast

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Scene 1
Jahan recieves a letter and opens it. Ilahi says there’s nothing in it. I sent it. he says why’d send me an empty paper? She says to Scare Seerat and Jordan Now they will panic and do a mistake. They will try to get us out of thihs room and try to take this envelope. Jahan says what are you saying. She says please give me one chance. Jordan and Seerat think about getting the letter. Seerat pretends to faint. Jordan gives her water. Dolly says she’s fasting. jordan says Jahan doesn’t consider him his wife. Seerat says I am fasting for Jahan. He will break my fast. Jahan says Seerat drink water. Ilahi is confused why didn’t they try to steal envelope. Jordan says to Ilahi I knew it was all your plan. Jahan says to Ilahi what is all this? please stop this. You wanna break my heart again. Please go. End all this. Ilahi says I can’t accept the mistake I’ve not done. I have always sacrificed my mistakes. I know I was wrong in forcing you to marry my sister. But I am trying to fix that mistake. I need your support. I sacrificed my love for my sister and gave the person I hated the most a chance to save your life. Everyone hates me now. And you’re calling me selfish. You promised to be there for me forever. You trusted me right? I need you today and you’re also leaving me alone today. Jahan says I am like other people too. I hate you. Go from here. Ilahi says I won’t go until I prove my innocence. Ilahi says break my fast when moon is out. She leaves.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to terrace. Dolly asks Seerat to sit with her. Ilahi comes as well. Tina says you look so pretty. Mahip says Tina shut up, there’s pooja going on. Women wonder why they both fasted for Jahan. Ilahi does her arti. Seerat says Jahan is my husband. He doesn’t even want to see your face. He’s not interested in you. Ilahi says I know jahan and he knows me. our souls are one. I won’t go until I expose you and Jahan. She takes her arti back. Dolly says ignore her. Jahan will break your fast. Ilahi says that won’t happen. They tried to kill me but I alive. Evil can never win. I sacrificed my happiness for you and gave you Jahan, But your evilness won. I will not give up now.

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Ilahi starts her arti. Jahan comes to his room and checks his phone. He says why was Tina saying my phone is ringing? Ilahi says I asked Tina. Jahan says are you crazy? She says please listen. Jahan tries to move. Ilahi falls on Jahan. Jordan looks at them. He says if Ilahi doesn’t die, Jahan will have to die. Jahan leaves in anger. Ilahi comes after him. Seerat says the moon is out. Let’s go to the terrace. Jahan goes with her in anger to the terrace. Seerat asks him to break her fast. A chandelier falls on Jahan. Ilahi rushes to save him and injures herself. Jahan gets worried. He holds Ilahi. He elbow bleeds. Jahan are are you okay? He picks her and takes her inside. Jahan makes Ilahi drink water. Everyone says Ilahi loves Jahan only. Jahan says Ilahi are you okay? He gives her water. Ilahi hugs Jahan. Jahan hugs her adn cries. Jahan says thank God you’re okay. Why did you risk your life to save me. Jahan recalls the video and steps back. Ilahi says God is with me and our love. In 2 days I will get the entire truth out.

Episode ends

Precap-Seerat says to Jordan I know you tried to kill Jahan. I will tell everyone. He says you can’t save him. I will kill him. Ilahi records everything.