Junooniyat 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Everyone comes to meet Jahan. Jahan looks for Ilahi. He says where is Ilahi? Dolly says she’s not here. jahan says she was, she gave me thid thread. Dolly says please rest. He says I want to meet her. Bau ji says Dolly doesn’t want you to meet Ilahi.

Amar dresses Ilahi’s wound. Amar asks do you still love Jahan? Ilahi cries. She says love doesn’t end when someone goes away from you. Did yyou stop loving mummy ji after she left? He hugs her. Amar says in heart I won’t let you lose your love like I did mine. Jahan says I love ilahi. I don’t know if she loves me or not. I just wanna live with this hope that one day she will see my love. How can you do this to Ilahi mama? She did all that to save your life. Dolly says forgive me. I got emotional seeing you in this condition. Seerat leaves in anger. Mahip says Ilahi is responsible for his condition. Jahan says you never liked her. Don’t say such things. Ilahi prays for Jahan. Dolly calls Ilahi. Ilahi picks the phone and asks is Jahan okay? Jahan says how can I be okay without seeing you? Ilahi is shocked. Jahan asks where are you? Please come here. I want to meet you. Jahan coughs. Ilahi says you’re not well. Jahan says I love you a lot Ilahi. I will die without you. Please come meet me. I don’t want to die without telling you about my love. Do you love me? Ilahi cries. She recalls their moments. Jahan says tell me Ilahi. Ilahi says your wishes don’t always come true. We don’t have perimssions for a few things. Jahan says I don’t care. Please come here. You’ve to swear on my life. Please come. Ilahi says how can I break the swear I did on Jahan’s life?

Scene 2
Jahan asks Dolly will Ilahi come? Dolly says yes, if you call your true love it does. Ilahi comes in. She says welcome Ilahi. Sit with Jahan and you two talk. Jahan says I am sorry about what mama said. He holds her hand. Ilahi says it’s not her fault. She was worried for you. Jahan says now say it. Ilahi says what? He says what you couldn’t say on call. Do you love me? jahan coughs. Ilahi says please rest. He says I want to hear from you. I know your feelings. Ilahi cries. Jahan says say it. She recalls her moments with Jahan and her promise to Jordan. The nurse asks Ilahi to leave. Jahan says one minute. Ilahi says get better we will talk later. Jahan says will you come to meet me? Ilahi nods. Ilahi leaves. Dolly apologizes to her. She says I was very worried. Ilahi says don’t say that. Dolly says Jahan loves you a lot. Don’t break his heart. Ilahi leaves.

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Ilahi comes to the temple and cries. Ilahi says thank you for saving Jahan but I feel so helpless. I let go of the one I loved to save his life. I loved him so much. I wish I could spend my life with Jahan. She cries. Ilahi says I hope he’s always healthy and happy. Jordan comes there. Ilahi says thank you for saving Jahan’s life. You did a favor on me. I would have lost Jahan. Jordan says I did it, now it is your turn. Ilahi says I will do what you ask.

Scene 3
Jahan comes home. Everyone celebrates. Dolly and Bebe do his arti. Bebe gives him prasad. Tina brings the tea. Band comes and plays. Everyone is shocked. Jordan comes in dancing. Jahan says thank you Jordan for doing all this. He dances around. Ilahi comes in. Everyone is shocked to see her. Jordan says mom, won’t you welcome your DIL? He holds Ilahi’s hand and brings her in. H says I promised I will bring my wife back to this hosue. Everyone is shocked.

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