Junooniyat 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi and Jahan expose Jordan

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Scene 1
Ilahi’s dupatta gets stuck in temple. She thinks it’s Jahan. Ilahi leaves. Jahan says why are you doing all this Ilahi? This isn’t right for anyone. He asks what is Jordan upto? When wiill you divorce him? Ilahi says soon. Dolly asks Jahan to come with her. Ilahi says I’ve no other way but to hurt you Jahan. Ilahi prays that she gets to meet Namrata. Ilahi goes on the roof. Jordan is there with Mahip. Jordan says she’s not taking money or listening to anything. I will kill her. Mahip says calm down. She’s using her child right? I will make it her weakeness. I know what to do. Ilahi says in heart I’ve to find Namrita and save her child and her. Jordan says she’s calling again and saying I’ve time till tomorrow only. Mahip says she won’t come here. Relax. Ilahi steals Jordan’s phone. Jordan feels like someone is there. He checks. Jordan says I felt like someone was here. Ilahi goes downstairs but falls. Jahan holds her.

Ilahi goes to her room. SHe tries to open the lock. Jordan says I feel like someone picked my phone from here. Ilahi unlocks his phone. She notices Namarata’s number. Jordan knocks and says ilahi open the door. Jahan distracts Jordan and says come with me. Let’s go. Jordan says let me do my work. Jordan comes in the room. Ilahi asks what happened? She says I was taking shower. Ilahi asks is everything okay? Jahan says it’s my roka today. Jordan has to prepare a lot of things. Jordan asks Ilahi if she’s seen his phone. Ilahi hid the phone. Ilahi says I haven’t seen it. He says I left it on roof but it’s not there. Ilahi says did you check in the terrace? It might have fallen. He says let me check the lawn too. Jordan leaves. Ilahi shuts the door. Ilahi calls Namarata. Ilahi says I wanna meet you. Namarata says who are? Why would I meet you. Ilahi says you know Jordan right? She says who are you? Ilahi says Jordan wiill never accept you and your child. Him and his mom are very dangerous. I promise I will help you in this matter. Come the the address I am sharing.

Scene 2
The event starts. Dolly welcome Seerat and her family. Dolly does Jahan’s arti with Seerat. Ilahi looks at them. She goes to the temple and prays. Ilahi picks the chunri. She prays for Jahan and Seerat’s happiness. Ilahi gives it to Dolly. Dolly makes it wear to Seeratbut it falls on Ilahi. Seerat stands up in anger. Ilahi takes it off. She says by mistake.. I am sorry. Dilly takes it and gives it to Seerat. Everyone claps. Ilahi claps in tears. Ilahi and Jahan recall their past. Jordan says there should be band baja. He calls the band in and dances with Dolly and Bebe.

Jordan says Ilahi come dance for your sister. Ilahi says I will dance for my sister. Ilahi sings for Seerat. Jahan gets upset. Seerat says let me make Jahan eat dessert. She asks Ilahi if she can make suji halwa. She says can you do that for me? Ilahi says I can do anything for my sister. Ilahi goes. Mahip goes on side and calls her man. She says this game will be over today. Ilahi makes the halwa. The gas is leaking. Ilahi smells the gas. The cook is about to light matchstick. Ilahi stops him. They find the cut on the gas pipe. Ilahi says someone did it for sure. Ilahi comes back. She says the gas is not working. She gives Seerat sweets. Jahan says eat it and end it. Diljot says there is a good mahorat after 7 days. Jahan says we can’t manage in a week. Seerat says we can do it. I am so happy. Dolly asks them to do the arti together. Ilahi prays for them.

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Scene 3
Ilahi prepares everything for the pooja. Bebe says you fasted for 9 days. Seerat says I will do the arti today. I am also the DIL. Dolly says Seerat is right. She is my DIL to be. She wlil do the arti. Seerat does the arti. Ilahi calls Namrita. She says she’s outside. Ilahi says I will be there. Ilahi goes out. Mahip’s goons follow Namrita’s car. The goons get to the car. They drag Namrita and her daughter out. Ilahi comes there but they put them in their van. Ilahi see the doll on the floor. She’s shocked. The girl says I want my doll. The goon asks other to get it. Ilahi wonders what happened. A goon comes and says this is my daughter’s. Ilahi sees Namrita in their car. She takes an auto and follows them. Jahan also comes there. He follows Ilahi. Ilahi asks the auto to folllow them. Ilahi puts nails on the road. The goon’s car punctures.

The kids come for pooja. Seerat serves them food. Everyone serves them. Dolly wonders where is Jahan. Ilahi stops the goons. She says what are you doing? I won’t let you take them. They shove her. Ilahi sees a temple. She picks a trishul. Ilahi says leave them or I will kill you all. Namrita comes on Ilahi’s side Ilahi fights the goons off. The goon slaps Ilahi and they grab her. They put a gun on Ilahi. Ilahi says leave me. Jahan comes there and shoves the goon. He asks are you okay Ilahi? Jahan fights the goons. Ilahi slaps a goon. She falls. Jahan holds and hugs her. Jahan covers Ilahi.

Scene 4
Bebe says these are 8 kanjs. We need 9 to complete the pooja. Ilahi comes in with Namrita’s daughter and says here’s the 9th one. Jordan and Mahip are shocked. Bebe says come sit duaghter. She sits with rest of the girls. Ilahi ties red cloth on her head. She looks at Jordan. Ilahi gets up. Bebe does her arti. Ilahi asks the house help to take the kids out. Jahan comes in as well. Bebe says the pooja is done with all blessings. Jahan says bebe you were right. Today was a very blessed day. Something else is also gonna happen today. Bebe asks what? Jahan says Jordan’s truth is gonna be out today. Jordan is shocked. Jordan asks what truth? Ilahi says let me tell you. Ilahi asks Namrita to come in. Jordan and Mahip are shocked. Jordan is leaving. Jahan says wait wait. Where are you going? Let them know who she is. Mahip asks what is this? He says you know very well. Jahan says Rockstar tell everyone who is she. Jordan says what rubbish? Ilahi slaps Jordan. Mahip says how dare you touch my son? Ilahi says how dare he. This slap if for betraying me, playing with a girl’s life and this innocent kid that you’re father of but she’s still unable to get your name. Bebe asks what? Ilahi says this is Namrita. Jordan’s ex-gf. This si Sahil, Jordan’s daughter. Everyone is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Ilahi says to Jordan sign these divorce papers and fulfill your responsibility. Jordan says you’re still my wife and I won’t sign them. The 30 days aren’t over. Bau ji brings a gun and says Jordan sign or I will shoot you.