Jhanak 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Avinash and Jhanak’s marriage is fixed

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The Episode starts with Avinash talking to everyone and pretending nice. Shubh and everyone smile. He says we will fix the marriage, we want it to happen soon, its an unwanted responsibility. Shrishti says it can happen in one week. Avinash says yes, I have to go foreign also. She says fine, we will tell you tonight. Jhanak comes and sees him. Avinash and his parents smile. Appu says Jhanak looks so beautiful, I don’t like this old man. Shubh asks Anjana why is Appu here. Anjana says I was giving breakfast to everyone, Jhanak is also busy, Appu doesn’t listen to me. Avinash says its okay, she is a kid. Shrishti asks Jhanak to touch elders’ feet and take blessings. Jhanak greets them. Shrishti says touch their feet. Jhanak says I will touch their feet and take blessings once the marriage happens. Avinash says its okay. Tanuja asks him to take some food. The lady says she is very beautiful. Arshi says Jhanak, he will take you to Kashmir. Jhanak and everyne talk to Avinash. Appu asks will he really marry Jhanak. Anjana says I will leave the house if you say a word now. Arshi says Ani, how did you come. Anirudh says I forgot my file at home. She says its good news, they both liked each other. He says great, but where is the groom. Avinash says hello. Anirudh thinks they want to get Jhanak married to this old man, its like throwing a tied person in a river. Choton sees the lady and thinks who is she. He says I m requesting Kaka, he isn’t listening. She says this is a school, not a maternity ward for your 7th baby’s delivery. He says no, we are book publishers, are you Didi Moni. She says I will make sure Ray book sellers get shut, they should get punished for sending a specimen from zoo. He says no, I will get ruined. She jokes on him.

She asks him to come in. She asks Kaka to get tea. Choton asks him to get tea, biscuits and pakodas. He says I didn’t have tea since morning. She goes. Shrishti introduces Avinash. She says he will take Jhanak to Srinagar after marriage. Anirudh says yes, marriage will happen from here, its good. Avinash says we will do a small rasam. Shrishti says we have to start preparations soon. Tanuja says Jhanak has no relatives. Anirudh asks why, we will celebrate grandly and invite all the relatives, they should know we treat refugees so well. Jhanak says I m not a refugee, I m a maid, I m thankful to you all. Tanuja and Shrishti ask Jhanak and Avinash about the marriage. Avinash says I have no problem, 3-4 days is fine. Anirudh asks why so soon. Avinash says I m busy, I m thinking my wife should stay in foreign, does she have passport. Shrishti says her tatkal passport will be made. Arshi says wow Jhanak, so lucky. Jhanak says yes, I m very lucky, I have no problem with this marriage, I m thankful to you all. Anirudh looks on. Choton says I m tired, can I sit, I have to show books. He sits and takes a water bottle. He shows the books. Its morning, Anirudh says I think you are fit. Jhanak says yes, I m working, so I m fine. He says you loved someone, right. She asks who told you. He asks can’t you wait for Rahul. They argue. He holds her hand and asks don’t you have your own thinking. She says it doesn’t matter, he will marry me and take me away, he earns well. He says you didn’t say you love someone else, you will marry just him. She says if I love someone then I have no option of marrying him. He says who said there isn’t an option, I will get this marriage cancelled, tell me once. She says world will get ruined. He says so what, people do anything for love. She says maybe I m also doing this for love.

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Anirudh says I will go with Jhanak for shopping. Arshi says I have no time. Jhanak argues. Anirudh asks Arshi not to misunderstand him. She says I won’t lose to a random girl.