Jhanak 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arshi refuses to forgive Anirudh

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The Episode starts with Bipasha asking Arshi to give a last chance to Anirudh. Arshi asks what do you mean. Bipasha says you will know it in some time, Anirudh isn’t in his sense, but he was saying he loves you, he really loves you a lot, please trust him. Arshi says if Lal was doing this with someone, then you would have understood my feelings. Tanuja says we understand your feelings, meet Anirudh once, he loves you. Arshi says I don’t want his love. Shubh says we know you love him. Arshi says that’s why he cheats me again and again. Shrishti says don’t do a drama, go and talk to him if you want, we will wait, Jhanak and Anirudh’s news was coming out, I have wrapped it using my sources, reporters are outside also, we are celebrities, this news will spread, we will get defamed, people want to know about us, Anirudh won’t care, no one knows him, we will suffer. Shubh says I m sorry from his side, we are trying, I dropped Jhanak to bus stand, you know why she came back. He says Shrishti, you get Jhanak married soon, we will make her out of this house. Vinayak says yes but… Shrishti says think of Arshi and become a good father, I have seen a guy for Jhanak, if Arshi breaks this alliance then Jhanak is your headache, we won’t care. She asks Arshi to go and talk, come soon.

Arshi goes and knocks the door. Choton asks who is it. Arshi asks can I come in. He asks her to please come. She says I want to tell something to Anirudh. Choton says he is feeling better. She says give my message to him if he doesn’t understand. Anirudh says please sit here. Arshi says no, I will never dream to become this family’s bahu. Choton asks what. She says don’t interfere. He says yes, I should go, you sit. He goes. She sees Anirudh and recalls him and Jhanak. She scolds him.

He says I love you a lot, if you leave me, even then I will always love you, please don’t go. Arshi argues. She says I don’t love you now, I m breaking every contact, you can stay with Jhanak. He says Jhanak will get married, all the problems will get solved. She asks why did you hug Jhanak. He says I wasn’t in senses, my head is aching, I feel sleepy. She asks do you realize your mistake. He says yes, I m really sorry, I m feeling sleepy, forgive me, Arshi. He sleeps.

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Its night, Anirudh and everyone dine. Choton says everyone is here, where is Jhanak. Anjana says don’t know, I didn’t see her, she might be sleeping, I don’t know why she took drinks, why didn’t she refuse, I m upset with her, I don’t understand, everyone had thandai, they didn’t reach the state of fainting, Jhanak lost her senses, maybe she went to the terrace, why did Anirudh go there. Choton says Arshi refused to marry, but they are preparing for Jhanak’s marriage.

She asks him to go and have food. He says no. She says Anirudh is also there. He says let it be. Shubh asks how are you feeling now. Anirudh says fine. Tanuja says we got ashamed because of you. Bipasha says you know what you did. Anirudh says no, I wasn’t in senses. Lal says it doesn’t give you license to do anything, you have hurt Arshi a lot. Shubh says you will go to her house in the morning and make an honest and sincere apology to Arshi. Anirudh nods. Shubh says I m surprised seeing Jhanak’s courage, she is staying here. Lal says everyone thinks she is simple, no, she is dangerous, it will be too late until Anirudh realizes this. Anirudh asks about Dadi and Dadu. Shubh says they had dinner. Anjana asks do you want anything, I will go and feed Appu. Tanuja argues.

Choton asks Anjana to go, he will serve food. Shubh says I invested in your business, just work on it. Choton says I m going to get big order. Tanuja taunts him. Anirudh says don’t get after Choton. Lal and Shubh comment on Choton. Appu comes. Shubh says she has come, she will ask about Jhanak. Appu says I got a bad dream, I saw Jhanak spitting blood, will she die. Everyone looks on. Jhanak is still in the balcony area.
Appu sees Jhanak and shouts Ani. Anirudh runs upstairs. He sees Jhanak. He asks what happened, did she take her life.