Jhanak 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arshi gets mad at Anirudh

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The Episode starts with Anirudh looking for Jhanak. She takes the clothes and stands blabbering. She says why do you insult me always, I will go from here, they don’t let me go, they like to insult me. Anirudh comes and says Arshi… what are you doing here alone, come with me. Jhanak shouts get out. Arshi hears her and runs upstairs. Anirudh says please Arshi, don’t hurt me, you will stay here. Arshi comes and sees them hugging. She cries. He says I will keep you with me, you are my wife, we will go on honeymoon, Kashmir, paradise, Arshi, you will come, right. Arshi shouts Anirudh. He turns and gets shocked. He says you were standing here, right, I hugged you. Arshi says she is Jhanak, did you go mad. He says I made a big mistake, I m sorry. Jhanak says I hate you. Arshi takes him. Jhanak faints down.

Anirudh says I made a big mistake. Shrishti comes and looks on. Arshi gets him downstairs. Shubh and everyone come. He asks what happened. Anirudh says forgive me, Arshi, I love you a lot. Choton holds Anirudh and takes him upstairs. Arshi tells them everything and cries. Choton puts Anirudh to rest. Shrishti argues with Shubh and Tanuja.

Choton sprinkles water on Anirudh. He asks are you feeling better. Anirudh says a little bit, I want to talk to Arshi. Shubh says Anirudh took Arshi’s name, he thought she is Arshi, we have to send this girl away, Shrishti suggested to get her married and send her, she has to do this. Shrishti asks is Jhanak only my responsibility, did I get her here. Vinayak says I m damn sure, Anirudh would have not done this if he wasn’t drunk, he was taking Arshi’s name. She says he cheated Arshi and hugged a maid. He says Arshi is my daughter too and Jhanak is your niece. Shrishti says she is ungrateful, why does Arshi always go to Anirudh, he is lying, he is cheating. She asks Arshi don’t you think you should leave him, you can get any other guy. Arshi says let Jhanak stay here, I won’t come here again. Shubh says this is your house. Choton says this will put Jhanak in trouble. Anirudh says I love Arshi, you tell me, who do I love. Choton says stop this nonsense, I will just come. Lal asks Choton how is Ani. Choton says I don’t know, don’t misunderstand him, he had drunk bhaang. Bipasha says Arshi said she will never come here, she wants to go away, how much will she tolerate, she has seen her would be husband hugging a maid. Choton says Anirudh is drunk, he thought she is Arshi. He asks Arshi not to go. Lal asks Choton to take care of Ani. Shrishti asks Arshi to come. Bipasha says I have sent Rumi and Mimi to see Jhanak, if you go, then our plan won’t work. Rumi comes and says Jhanak has fainted, Mimi is there. Bipasha says ask Mimi to come, go to your room and change clothes, we will see when Jhanak wakes up, she is sleeping, go now, everyone is angry. Rumi goes. Bipasha says its time for final action. Shrishti says I don’t want to hear this, we are leaving. Vinayak says Arshi, I respect your decision, talk to Anirudh once. Shrishti says talk to him, see if he gets conscious. Arshi says no. Shubh says I request you to do as you told before, we will make that girl out of here.

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Appu says Jhanak isn’t here, I saw a bad dream. Bipasha says she would be in her room. Choton says she isn’t there. Anirudh worries.