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The Episode starts with Anirudh and Jhanak arguing. She says you filled sindoor in my maang and wiped it. He asks did I do it. She says I was forced to wipe it, no one asked me how do I feel, even you didn’t ask, why are you wasting time on me. He says others aren’t Jhanak. Choton says yes, I have told Anjana about Anirudh. Dadi says it’s a family matter. Dadi says I know our family is facing many problems because of Jhanak, did she call Ani there. Jhanak says I m married, but not, I want freedom from you. He says I m not feeling well, I will go and rest, I won’t ruin your life, I just wanted to keep your safe, nothing else, sorry. Jhanak says we got trapped in an unwanted marriage, I m married in the world’s eyes, who will marry me now, what will happen. Tanuja says Jhanak won’t agree if she called Ani. Dadi says no, she will never call him.

Choton asks what happened there, Jhanak has saved Ani’s life many times, trust me. Shubh asks him to shut up. Choton says this happened because of Shrishti, she was getting Jhanak married to Tejas, it would have benefitted you, when police told Ani that Jhanak got kidnapped, could be sleep in peace, he would have done this for anyone. Jhanak says you will say Rahul will marry me, he loves me, I don’t love him, I can’t marry him, he is my best friend, I can’t lie to him, who will marry me knowing my past, you are responsible for ruining my life. Anirudh is shocked. He says please forgive me. Bipasha says Jhanak has harassed Tejas. Choton says no, she agreed to marry Tejas, because he wanted to kill Ani. Anjana asks what. He says yes, he convinced Jhanak at gun point, what could she do, be thankful to her instead of cursing her. Shubh says stop this nonsense, Tejas wanted to marry her, he has status, money and position, but no, he doesn’t want to marry him, because she wants to ruin Anirudh’s life. Anirudh says I m not feeling well since 2 days, I should go and rest, but I m really sorry, Jhanak, you don’t spoil your studies, I have ordered your food, have it, tolerate me for two days more. He leaves. Jhanak feels bad.

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