Imlie 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Gets Suspicious


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Akash asks when Imlie hasn’t done anything, then why she is running away. Atharva asks how does he know if Imlie is running away and not waiting somewhere. Keya asks waiting for whom. Atharva says real culprit. He asks inspector to catch the nurse as she tried to mix something in her drip earlier and when Imlie questioned, she said it’s a pen ink. Inspector says it’s an attempt to murder case and they are trying their best. Police leaves. Devika asks if he found Imlie. Atharva says Imlie didn’t reach police station, so he couldn’t meet her. Rudra says once the nurse is caught, Imlie will be proven innocent. Keya thinks she will be in trouble if they catch the nurse and get truth out of her, so she needs to do something.

Imlie thinks someone wants to get her and Atharva out of the way, but why? She recalls catching the nurse red handedly 2-3 times and nurse saying she did it on someone’s order. She thinks only doctor uncle can give her nurse’s information. She walks into home silently to get her phone and hides seeing family members. Devika and Shivani worry for Imlie. Rudra says he is sure Imlie will prove herself innocent even this time. Kairi notices Imlie and says mamma. Shivani asks what happened. Kairi says she is missing mamma. Manish gets emotional seeing Kairi’s sad face. Keya says Imlie doesn’t value her daughter and ran away after trying to kill Kairi’s father. Devika warns her to dare not speak against Kairi’s mother in front of Kairi or else she will not keep quiet. Imlie gets her mobile and is about to leave when she hears Keya talking to someone over phone and asking not to call her repeatedly, she will not give her money as the work is not yet done. She thinks whom Keya is afraid of and what is she up to.

Atharva tries to take food for Imlie. Shivani catches him. Atharva says he is not feeling hungry and thought of having it later in his room. Shivani says it’s his childhood hobby whenever he gets upset and forcefully feeds him food. Kairi walks to Atharva and murmurs in his ears that she saw mamma in the house, so they both will go and meet her. Atharva walks with her saying he needs to walk after overeating. Keya notices them and thinks if father and daughter or walking or doing something else. Imlie talks to the doctor and is shocked to hear that he didn’t send his nurse as he got a call from Rana house that they arranged a nurse. She asks him to send that number. He sends it. She thinks it’s not their family members’ number, calls on that number, and learns that it is from a Gurunagar’s PCO.

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Atharva with Kairi walks in holding his stomach. Kairi informs what just happened. Imlie laughs. Atharva says he will get food from outside. Shivani walks to them. Atharva requests her not to inform anyone about Imlie’s presence here as he is hiding her from police with great difficulty. Shivani says she will never make a mistake of doubting Imlie again, offers her food, and asks her to finish food and do whatever she is best at. Keya walks towards outhouse thinkiing why did Arto, Kairi, and Shivani go there. Servant stops her and says Devika asked her what sweet to prepare today. Keya says she has to do all this in Imlie’s absence to get into Devika’s good books and asks him to prepare kheer with lots of ghee and dry fruits.

Imlie munches food hurriedly. Kairi laughs. Shivani asks Imlie what is her plan. Imlie says doctor had got a call from Gurungar’s PCO. Shivani asks shall she ask driver to find out. Imlie says no. Keya opens the outhouse and finds Atharva, Shivani, and Kairi there. Imlie hides behind sofa. Keya asks what are they doing here. Shivani says they are getting the outhouse cleaned to let Kairi come and play here whenever she wants to. Kairi asks Keya to clean the room. Keya says there are servants for that. She hears sound, gets suspicious, and searches the room. Imlie hides behind the window. Akash walks in holding his stomach and says servant gave him sweets and upset his stomach. Keya scolds him for having sweets. Shivani asks her to take Akash from there and help him. Keya and Akash leave. Kairi jumps saying mamma escaped. Imlie says she wiil change the culprit’s game in her favor.

Precap: Imlie over phone tells family that she loves them a lot and this is the last call for them. Atharva pleads not to do that. Imlie says good bye. Bomb blasts.