Imlie 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Annapurna Blames Imlie For Stealing Her Bangles


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Annapurna tells Imlie that she made a mistake of following a married woman’s first duty. Bulbul tells Pallo that Annapurna will kick Imlie out of the house. Imlie asks what is her mistake. Annapurna says she is not wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor. Bulbul says Annapurna will find out that Imlie’s marriage is fake. Pallo asks her to keep her mouth shut. Imlie says she forgot. Annapurna asks why didn’t she forget applying makeup then and asks Pallo if she didn’t teach sanskars to her daughter. Pallo acts as scolding Imlie. Imlie thinks she didn’t wear mangalsutra and sindhoor as her marriage is fake. Agastya says who follows old traditions now. Annapurna says even she is old, will he disrespect her. Rajni says ammaji is right that the can’t be happy by cutting themselves off the old traditions and elders.

Sonali asks Agastya if his marriage is fake that Imlie is not wearing mangalsutra and sindhoor. Agastya says it’s as real as her, she can check the proof when she is free. Annapurna says Imlie can sing aarti only if she wears mangalsutra and sindhoor and orders Agastya to put mangalsutra in Imlie’s neck and apply sindhoor in her hairline. Imlie gets tensed. Agastyya puts mangalsutra in her neck and applies sindhoor in her hairline, leaving her shocked. Titu asks them to take Annapurna’s blessings. They do same. Annapurna blesses them and says now Imlie is Imlie Agastya Singh Chaudhry and asks Imlie to sing aarti now. Imlie sings bhajan and performs aarti with Agastya. Bulbul thinks she can’t let Imlie enjoy life here and herself lead a poor life in a hurt. Daadi bangle falls down. Bulbul steals it and puts it in Imlie’s hand acting as slipping while accepting aarti.

Annapurna gets tensed seeing her bangle missing. Manno says it’s her family bangle. Annapurna says her MIL gave it and she can’t lose it. Whole family start searching for it. Imlie notices bangle in her hand and realizes Bulbul wants to prove her a thief. She returns Annapurna’s bangle and says she had taken it by mistake. Sonali asks if bangle walked and locked itself in her wrist. Alka accuses Imlie of stealing bangle. Bulbul tells Pallo that she wanted to see Imlie’s humiliation. Annapurna believes Alka and blames Imlie. Agastya says they all saw Imlie returning bangle and not stealing it, why would Imlie steal a bangle when she is a self-reliant girl who was selling food at a stall while being rich and now she is married to him. Annapurna says he is right, she made a mistake of wrongly accusing Imlie. She invites everyone for dinner. Sonali thinks why Imlie’s family is not reacting seeing Imlie being accused, something is wrong. Imlie thanks Agastya. Agastya tongue lashes her for stealing.

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Pallo steals silver spoon from the dinner table and hides it in her purse. Imlie notices that and warns her to keep it back. Pallo says she will take it at any cost or else will expose Imlie. Chaudhry family joins them. Imlie says she will show them a magic and will get silver spoon from her mummy’s purse, acts as showing a magic trick, and gets spoon out of Pallo’s purse. Annapurna asks if they can have dinner if her drama is over. Imlie nods yes. Annapurna asks Dolly to serve food to Titu. Titu stops her and says he will serve himself as he does same at home. Alka asks if he doesn’t have servants at home. Agastya thinks good clothes can’t change poor’s nature.

Precap: Annapurna praises Imlie’s beauty during reception. Sonali says she doesn’t think Agastya will attend the function. Imlie says he surely will. Agastya walks in carrying Noyonika in his arms.