Imlie 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Agastya opens hi vault and sees a picture of his Agastya promise to his brother that he will continue to work hard with honesty and misses him very much. Agastya recalls that Sonali had tell him that everytime Imlie will not help him then he realises that Imlie help him in getting the business.Agastya looks for Imlie everywhere in the house but he didn’t find her.

Imlie is crying in her own home and Agastya realise that she have hurt Imlie.Agastya tries to call her but Imlie keeps disconnecting his calls.Agastya realise the she is very upset.Imlie sees a picture of her sister and ask her why the world is crazy about blood relation.Imlie tells her sister that Titu mama accept her without any blood relation with him.Imlie promise her sister that everyone will give respect to her.Imlie starts feelings hungry,she went to make the food and promise herself that she will open a hotel one day and she will offer green chilli to Agastya without the water.Imlie gets insulted everyday from Agastya.

Agastya knocks the door and tells Imlie that Amma ji have make him the MD so she didn’t congratulate him.Agastya thanks Imlie but Imlie doesn’t want to talk.Agastya tells Imlie to come with him because today is Navratri and she have to make the bhog for the Puja.Imlie tells Agastya that she knows the rituals better than him.Imlie starts a funny arguing with Agastya.Imlie tells Agastya that she will come in one condition . Imlie tells Agastya to cooks food for her because she is hungry.

Amma ji comes to see Noyonik.
Noyonika apologies Amma ji that she had given trouble to them.Amma ji tells Noyonika to take rest she will do the puja on behalf of her.Everyone is preparing for Navratri in the home.Rajni asks Sonali to help as there are lots of work are pending.Amma ji tells Sonali to go her In-laws because there In-laws are are doing the puja without her.Sonali tells Amma ji to stop worrying for her and asks to search for Imlie and Agasty. Rajni tells Sonali not to talk in this behaviour to Amma ji but Amma ji is disappointed with her.

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Amma ji impressed with Sonali that she accepts Agastya is will run the business better than her.Alka tells Sonali to return back her In-laws or help them in making the bhog.

Agastya starts cooking food for Imlie and Imlie starts staring Agastya secretly.Imlie tries to help Agastya but he tells Imlie to go and take rest he will manage.Imlie relax in her bed.Agastya is make roti,dal, chawal and subzi.Agastya tells Imlie that food is ready and Imlie is surprise to see that Agastya have cook the food.Imlie is speechless and asks Agastya how he manage to cook the food.Agastya tells Imlie that how will he handles a food business without knowing cooking skills.

Govind tells Sonali to call Amrit for Navratri puja.Sonali comes to her and cries.Sonali recalls that Imlie tells her about her husband Amrit use to come regularly in the bar.Sonali breaks the photo frame and cries badly.Alka hears the Sonali’s cry and comes to ask her.Sonali explain Alka about Amrit.Imlie and Agastya are washing dishes.Agastys asks Imlie that she message to Sonali but Imlie denies to say.Agastya takes Imlie’s phone to get the information.

Precap: Sonali comes to Pallo.