Imlie 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Fights With The Goons For Imlie


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Agastya’s lawyer asks him and Imlie to sign marriage registration form as the office is open only till 5 p.m. They book look at the form. A couple Radhika and Sukesh walks in, and Sukesh requests lawyer to perform their marriage soon as girl’s family is against it and may reach here any time. Lawyer says office will close in a few minutes and he can’t help. Agastya asks him to finish his marriage first. Imlie says marriage happens between 2 hearts and when 2 hearts want to unite, who are they to stop them. She continues her heavy dialogues and decide to help them. Lawyer says they need 2 witnesses for marriage. Imlie says she and Agastya will becomes witnesses. Agastya’s family anxiously wait for him to return and complete his wedding with Noyonika. Amrit lies to Sonali that he got an emergency call from his family, but he will stay back till Agastya’s wedding finishes. Sonali says he always keeps her family before his family, why is he so good. Amrit says he is very sensitive. Sonali asks him to take care of himself. Amrit leaves home thinking he is do same and will get his recording from Imlie.

Radhika and Sukesh take oath to protect each other and keep each other’s happiness before themselves. Agastya tells Imlie that Imlie is marrying for money, their fake marriage would be for only 6 months, he already paid her 5 lakhs and would give her daily allowance, she can’t claim any right on his wealth and will silently leave after 6 months, etc. Imlie thinks she is marrying him to save Ashu’s life. Doctor perform Ashu’s surgery. Back to Chaudhry house, Johri asks Daadi if she is hiding something. Daadi says no. Johri asks if his daughter’s wedding will happen in this muhurath or not. Sonali says it will definitely happen. Noyonika thinks she was trying to marry with a lie and is facing the consequences, if Agastya found out truth.

Asastya continues to humiliate Imlie and asks her to sign the form. She signs thinking she has to bear humiliation for Ashu’s sake. Radhika and Sukesh exchange garlands. Lawyer says their marriage is complete now. Radhika and Sukesh thank Imlie for her help. Imlie says their jodi is made by god and nobody can stop them from uniting. Radhika and Sukesh ask Imlie and Agastya to exchange garlands and offers their garlands. Agastya says his wife needs a special garland and brings a money garland taunting Imlie for her greedy behavior. Imlie lectures again. Radhika and Sukesh’s parents walk in with village goons. Radhika’s brother angrily tries to hit her while mother yells at her. Sukesh protects Radhika. Imlie warns them not to separate 2 love birds. Agastya says they can’t break country’s law and stop adults from choosing their life partners. Village goon warns him that village law is different and is decided by villagers. Agastya warns goons to leave or else he will call the police.

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Goon attacks Agastya. Agastya beats them and Imlie supports him. After the dramatic fight, Imlie delivers heavy dialogues to Radhika and Sukesh’s parents to respect their children’s decision or else they will lose their children. Parents get convinced. Goons try to attack again. Radhika’s brother protects her. Sukesh’s father asks goons to leave and let them handle their family issue by themselves. Goons leave warning that they did wrong and will face the consequences. Radhika and Sukesh’s parents thank Imlie and bless her. Radhika offers Pagdandiya Seeta maiya’s temple sindhoor to Imlie. Once they all leave, Agastya tells Imlie that she is a good actor and she did all this for money. He puts money garland to her and continues to humiliate her.

Precap: Daadi tells Agastya that any random girl can’t become Chaudhry family’s DIL, she wants to know about his wife’s family background. Agastya thinks he just knows that Imlie is a bar girl and nothing else, where is she now. Imlie tries to escape from Chaudhry house.