Imlie 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya Gets Imlie Arrested


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Sonali asks Agastya to return her mobile. Agastya asks her not to worry as he will bring Amrit back home. Sonali asks him to stop showing his fake concern. Agastya says she knows he cares for his family and she and Amrit are part of his family. He leaves. Imlie demands money from Amrit after her performance. Amrit refuses and says he just took his revenge of his humiliation by her. Imlie reminds that he promised to give her money for Ashu’s treatment. Amrit asks which promise. Imlie shows him a dagger at him. Amrit tells mob that she is threatening him for money, but he is not afraid of her. Imlie says he is playing with a 6-year-old kid’s life and points a dagger at his neck.

Agastya searches for Amrit and thinks bar girl Imlie must have joined some other bar instead of creating a drama at a nukkad. He is shocked to see Imlie pointing a dagger at Amrit. Police also reaches there. Agastya points a gun at Imlie and warns her to spare Amrit or else she will shoot her. Imlie says she will not until Amrit pays her money. Agastya says she was planning to loot her family member some time ago and now is threatening an innocent man for money. Police arrests Imlie for performing in open without a license. Imlie says she is being wronged and asks Agastya to get her a job if he can and listen to her problems. Police drags her away while she continues to plead.

Agastya drives Amrit towards home and says he saw Amrit with Imlie for the third time today, recalling the other 2 incident. Amrit nervously says he was at a wrong place at a wrong time. Agastya asks him to stay away from such girls. He notices flowers in Amrit’s bag and thinks why he is keeping this. Maama waits for Imlie at the hospital. Police throw Imlie behind bars. Imlie pleads inspector to let her go as her 6-year-old nephew’s life is in danger. Inspector says she was caught the other day in a hotel and today performing illegally and threatening an innocent man, it’s better her nephew dies instead of becoming like her. Imlie prays god to save Ashu.

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Agastya reaches home with Amrit in the morning. Daadi questions him where were they whole night. Banno bua says they must have gone for a bachelor’s party. Sonali thanks Agastya for bringing Amrit back home safely. Daadi asks everyone to get ready soon as it’s Agastya’s wedding today. Sonali gets ready for the wedding. Alka asks if she forgot her revenge towards Agastya, why was she thanking him. Sonali says she needs to spread honey to trap her prey. Noyonika calls Sonali and says she wants to confess to Agastya about her abortion before their wedding. Sonali gets tensed and requests her not to do that and rushes to stop her.

Maama and bar manager eagerly wait for Imlie to return and hope she is safe. Wardboys bring Ashu on a stretcher and leave him on the floor. Maama and manager ask why are they doing this. Wardboys say it’s a private hospital and Ashu won’t be treated until money is deposited. Maama pleads to get him back to bed as his niece has gone to arrange money. Wardboys refuse and allot bed to someone else. Maama calls Imlie. Imlie pleads constable to let her pick a call and describes her story. Constbale melts down and gives phone to her. Drama continues..

Precap: Imlie prays god to help her save Ashu’s life. Agastya walks to her and says he has an offer for her.