Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar traps Maan


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The Episode starts with Samar asking Swati to go. Swati turns and sees Maan. She says Maan has seen us. Samar says just go, I will handle this. She leaves. He laughs and says now I caught the rat in my cage, now Maan will not tell the truth to anyone, poor Maan. Dada Babu welcomes Shiv and blesses him. Shiv introduces his wife Surili. Surili greets and gets blessed. Dada Babu says person’s eyes are the mirror of personality, her eyes show her truth. Shiv says yes, so I married her soon, I saw mum’s reflection in her. Dada Babu asks do you want something. She says no, I didn’t attend such a big party before, so I feel nervous. She says it reminds me of my niece Yuvika, she is Premraj’s daughter, she is just like you, you should meet her.

Maan feels unwell and takes the asthma pump. He sees Swati. Shiv and Surili meet Digvijay. Digvijay introduces his wife Ruhi. Surili asks are you also involved in business. Ruhi says no, I just stay at home. Surili’s phone falls. Shiv picks it for her. She thanks him. Ruhi looks on and goes. Surili sees an old neighbor and goes. Shiv says I read about Dada Babu going to declare his heir. Digvijay says yes, you don’t know the corporate rules, one has to fight the family for own rights. Shiv says people run the royal family, there are also many problems. He recalls Raghav. Shiv talks of business and asks him to think about it. Digvijay says sure, but we will have a basketball match first. Shiv says done.

The dance performance begins. Shiv and Digvijay dance with the girl. Surili collides with Yuvika. She hugs her and says I got to know about you, Dada Babu was praising you a lot. Yuvika says I had a café in Rishikesh. Surili says I also have a café in Mumbai, I m trying to learn royals ways. Yuvika says everyone stares here, I forget my manners also. They have a talk. Yuvika asks about Pooja Sabarwal. Surili says she is inside. Yuvika hugs her and thanks. She goes. Shiv asks Surili to come.

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Veera asks what are you hiding, tell me. Maan says I have to wait to bring Samar’s truth out, time isn’t on our side, I love my family. Veera says don’t make this your weakness. He goes. Maan gets Shiv and Surili’s call. He asks them when are you coming back, come back soon. Shiv asks what’s the matter, tell me. Maan gets Swati’s message… it wasn’t true what you have seen, give me a chance to explain. Maan says I will talk to you later. He thinks what shall I do, I can’t tell this to Raghav, I have to handle this.

Swati asks did you talk to Maan. Samar says don’t worry, I will handle it, you go to your room. He gives her phone. She goes. Samar says Maan will be in a dilemma. Ranimaa stops Maan and asks where are you going. Maan says I have some work, I will come soon. He hugs her. She says nothing will happen to anyone, go and come back soon, take care. He calls Veera. He gets his number busy. He says I think I have to go alone, maybe Swati won’t be comfortable to talk in front of Veera. He leaves. Surili says something is not right, Maan isn’t able to share the matter, I think he needs us, we should go back to Ranak, our family needs us. Shiv agrees. Veera checks Maan’s missed calls. He calls back.

Maan leaves. Veera comes home and runs to meet Maan. Maan reaches the old factory. He calls out Swati. He sees Samar. Samar smiles.

Samar says you want to know my secret, fine, hear it, I m your elder brother, I m Samar Chandrabhaan Barot. Maan is shocked. Shiv and Surili get trapped in riots. Samar attempts to kill Maan and ignites the fire.