Heartbreak for Fans as ‘Katha Ankahee’ Bids Adieu: Pleas to Extend Echo on Social Media

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Katha Ankahee has carved a niche in the hearts of fans with its unconventional storyline, making it a favorite among current TV shows. However, recent reports have left fans disheartened as the show is slated to go off-air after an 8-month run, with the final episode airing on December 1st. The news has sparked a wave of disappointment among netizens, leading to the trending hashtag ‘Extend Katha Ankahee’ on Twitter.

Fan Desires on Display: Expressing their sentiments, a user took to Twitter, saying, “Want to see Kaviaan dance this exact same dance on the exact same song in Jhalak. Want to see Kaviaan dance in many such dances on Katha Ankahee. This is legit the hottest & the best dance sequence in any ITV drama. @SonyTV @001Danish!”

Another plea came from a fan who wrote, “We really cannot lose this ray of sunshine. Please extend Katha Ankahee. This cannot stop; only they matter right now. We have to fight to protect these beautiful smiles and their show. There’s no other option.”

Yearning for the Monkey Family: A user fondly reminded fans of Katha and Viaan’s monkey family, expressing the desire to see more of their joyous moments. “I want to see more of this happy monkey family… Plz don’t end the show midway,” the user urged.

Concerns and Speculations: Highlighting the sudden shift in the show’s fate, a user speculated, “Hello, since Katha Ankahee’s slot was given to Dabangii and Katha Ankahee is being axed in one week after slot change, apparently for profit reasons.”

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Aditi’s Perspective: During the leap in the storyline, Aditi, one of the show’s actors, shared insights with ETimes TV, addressing fan reactions. She said, “It was wonderful receiving all the love. I think it depends on the track that is on… have a little more patience for the track to unfold and see what we have in store. This isn’t real life; it is a TV show, so some drama or something has to happen for it to go on.”

As fans express their love and disappointment, the fate of Katha Ankahee continues to unfold, with social media serving as a platform for their collective plea to extend the show.