Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rajjo’s Surprise Birthday Plan For Amma

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with Vimlesh visiting Rajjo’s kitchen, enjoying ice cream. Rajjo asks her if she remember what is next month. Vimlesh says sari sale, jewelry sale, etc. Rajjo says it’s Amma’s birthday next month and she wants to buy some jewelry and surprise Amma. They both plan what to take for Amma. Rajjo says though Amma scolds her a lot, she loves Amma immensely and can’t stay without her.

Happu reaches police station late. Malaika scolds him for being 1.5 hours late. Manohar says he came 30 minutes early. Malaika says he was playing video game and wasting time. Happu apologizes. Malaika warns him to never be late and asks Manohar to maintain Happu’s in and out register. Happu thinks his little daughter has grown up so big to punish him.

Nargisiya mausi visit Amma and tries to provoke against Rajjo. Rajjo serves tea and snacks to them. Nargisiya says she looks so lean, Amma must be making her work hard. Rajjo says serving amma is her duty and asks how is her sprained neck. Amma jokes that Nargisiya’s neck is like a squirrel which is always bent. Nargisiya invites Amma for sari and jewelry shopping. Rajjo tells Amma that they don’t have money left to spend for the month. Amma tells Nargisiya that they will have window shopping.

Masterji scolds Chamchi for coming late to school. Chamchi lies that she has to do all the household work alone and hence gets late to school every day, his parents differentiate between son and daughter and hence pay Ranbir and Hrithik’s fees on time while she has to arrange her own fees. Masterji gets emotional. Chamchi requests him to permit her to attend school late and go early. Masterji agrees.

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A citizen named Tinku visits police station and complains Happu that his neighbor beats him whenever he gets out of the house. Happu orders Manohar to call the neighbor. Amma and Nargisiya window shop in a market. Nargisiya says her DIL gave her lots of money to shop. They notice Rajjo and Vimlesh in a jewelry shop and think Rajjo fooled Amma. Comedic events continue.

Precap: Vimla tells Amma that she and Rajjo had gone to bring vegetables.
Amma doubts them. Laundry woman finds 1500 rs in Happu’s pocket. Rajjo takes it but doesn’t return to Happu.