Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Gets Kiran Arrested

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Savi and Ishan’s nok jhok continues. Savi says he told that she traps rich and powerful men in her sugar talks. Ishan asks why don’t she answer in a simple way. Savi says she has decided to leave Bhosale institute and will not change her decision. Ishan leaves from there fuming. After some time, Shantanu while cooking hears Isha over phone telling someone that she will return to Ramtek in 2 days. Isha asks him if he needs help. Shantanu asks her to go and pack her bags. Isha says she took a long leave in lieu of injury and has to return and finish all pending work. Shantanu hopes if he could try to stop her like Ishan who was trying hard to convince Savi to stay back. Isha says he couldn’t stop Reeva. Shantanu says both cases are different. Isha says he never knows anything can happen. Shantanu says if she means they can be couple, she is wrong as they both will burst a house if they are kept together. Savi walks in. They both change the topic, Isha walks away asking him to order dinner from outside today. Shantanu frowns.

Ishan tries to convince Nishikant to let Durva continue her studies. Nishikant gets adamant. Surekha says he is disrespecting elders like Ishan and orders him to let Durva continue her studies. Ishan asks what did he do. Yashwant shouts at him for visiting Savi’s house for convincing him to rejoin college. Ishan says he went to Shantanu’s house. Surekha says Isha also stays here. Ishan says Savi is a brilliant student who has capability to pass UPSC exam and will get many awards to their college. Surekha says their college is already famous and doesn’t need Savi, Isha needs Savi instead to break their house. Yashwant shouts Savi will not return to college and Ishan should stop humiliating their family. Asmita asks them to join for dinner to divert the issue. Ishan walks away saying he is not hungry.

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Savi visits Harini. Kiran doesn’t let her in. Savi notices Harini’s bruises and forcefully walks in. She asks Harini if Kiran physically harassed her again. Kiran say why would he, she slipped in the kitchen. Harini accepts that Kiran vented out Ishan’s frustration on her. Savi decides to file a police complaint against Kiran and leaves with Harini pushing Kiran away. They reach police station where Harini describes how Kiran tortures her regularly and files a complaint against him. Inspector Rane asks why didn’t she file complaint before. Savi shows him Kiran’s confession video where he accepts to have molested Savi. Rane sends constables to arrest Kiran. Constables inform that the house is locked. Savi says Kiran and his parents have eloped.

Isha opens a book and finds Shantanu’s letter for her. She asks Shantanu if he keep it purposefully there. Savi calls Shantanu and he gives phone to Isha. Savi informs her that she brought Harini to file a complaint against Ishan and explains what had happened. Isha asks her to bring Kiran home after finishing formalities. Harini feels guilty for putting Kiran’s parents into hardship without their mistake and decides to take back complaint. Savi says they are equally guilty for not teaching their son to respect women and should face punishment, she convinces Harini not to take back complaint. Constable drag Kiran in. Kiran threatens to file a court complaint against them. His father says Harini should be ashamed for filing complaint against her husband and defaming their family. Inspector Rane shuts his mouth and sends him from there. He then calls Ishan and asks him to reach police station as there is a complaint of goondagiri against him.

Precap: Ishan brings flowers for Savi and apologizes her for wrongly accusing her and troubling her to the core. He requests her to attend his lecture today if she forgave him.