Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anvi Tries To Commit Suicide

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Prateek visits Bhosale’s holi celebration and is surprised to see everyone heavily intoxicated under bhang effect and acting weird. He thinks he came late, everyone are lost in their own world. Reeva runs around asking if he has sindhoor. Prateek asks reason. Reeva says his best friend Ishaan is going to fill her hairline with sindhoor. Prateek calls servant Jeetu and asks what is happening here. Jeetu says he went out to repair Apsara’s mobile and when he returned, he saw everyone intoxicated and hence prepared lemonade fore everyone. Prateek asks Reeva to have lemonade as it will get her sindhoor. Reeva drinks lemonade and gets into her senses.

Mukul continues to frighten Anvi and tells her that he is going tomorrow and will return to her next year. He leaves her room. She looks at broken glass pieces. Prateek asks Reeva how much bhang did they have. Reeva says they just had thandai. Prateek shows her everyone heavily intoxicated and acting weird. She walks to Ishaan and Savi and notices them sleeping. She serves lemonade to Savi and gets her into senses. Savi recalls drinking thandai and thinks Mukul mixed bhang in thandai. She worries about Anvi and rushes towards her asking Reeva to take care of Ishaan. Ishaan inn sleep murmurs that he wants to tell Savi what had happened in Ramtek. Reeva shakes him and asks him what had happened, but he falls asleep again.

Savi is shocked to see Anvi trying to commit suicide by cutting her wrist and stops her. She asks what is she doing. Anvi reveals that she revealed Mukul’s truth to everyone, but everyone were heavily intoxicated and didn’t even listen to her; she realized nothing is going to happen, so she will not tell anything to anyone again. She breaks down saying she is really bad and feels ashamed of herself. Savi tries to comfort her.

Prateek serves lemonade to Bhosale and Marathe family and says he never such a holi celebration in Bhosale till now. Mukul says someone had mixed something in food for sure, but what can they do as it’s holi. Prateek leaves. Yashwant asks everyone to go and rest. Everyone walk away. Mukul happily hymns a Marathi song. Savi walks to him and confronts him for mixing bhang in thandai and molesting Anvi. Mukul asks what happened to Anvi, even he had thandai and doesn’t remember anything. Savi says he is very intelligent, she will expose his truth soon as truth can’t be hidden. Mukul acts afraid and wishes her all the best. He walks away hymning song again.

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Next day, Nishi, Shikha, and Reeva decorate house for Yashwant and Surekha’s wedding anniversary function. Savi hopes Asmita and Anvi are fine. Nishi says Asmita and Anvi fell ill and he got more burden on him. Reeva asks him not to worry as youngsters will manage. Shikha asks Savi if she made a collage she asked for. Savi says she did and will play during the function. Servant gives bouquet and letter to Shikha and says Chinmay has sent them. Shikha gets happy and tries to read letter. Yashwant snatches them and shouts if her name is written on them. Shikha says no, Yashwant and Surekha’s name is written on them. Yashwant shouts doesn’t she know that she can’t read other’s letters. Shikha apologizes. Yashwant leaves. Savi asks Shikha what is wrong in reading husband’s letter. Shikha says Yashwant is right that she shouldn’t read someone’s letter.

Reeva gets Surekha ready for the function. Surekha blushes. Yashwant walks to Surekha and says he needs to talk. Reeva walks out. Yashwant locks the door and Yashwant gives her Chinmay’s sent bouquet and letter. Surekha excitedly reads letter. Yashwant tries to tear it and shouts that her son is behaving like an enemy. Asmita asks Savi to get ready for the function. Anvi refuses and continues to cry. Savi walks in and encourages Anvi to not give up. Asmita asks her to let it go and not bother. Savi asks what kind of a mother she is who can see wrong happening to her daughter. Asmita says Mukul will leave for his house tomorrow and there won’t be any problem again. Savi reveals that Mukul tried to molest Anvi again yesterday and Anvi tried to commit suicide. Anvi walks away from there.

Surekha tries to call Chinmay and hopes he had called her at least today. Savi walks behind Anvi and encourages her to fight for herself. Anvi asks her to leave her alone. Asmita requests Savi not to exaggerate the issue and let the time solve it. Savi says her daughter will die outof suffocation if she let Mukul continue his atrocities, she will expose him instead. Surekha hears them and asks what are they talking about.

Precap: Surekha announces that if Savi stays in this house, she will leave Bhosale house with her brother. Yashwant orders Savi to get out of his house. Ishaan asks Savi to leave next.