Gashmeer Mahajani opens up about his father’s tragic demise and his mother’s health

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Gashmeer Mahajani opens up about his father’s tragic demise and his mother’s health

Renowned actor Gashmeer Mahajani recently experienced the heartbreaking loss of his father, the late actor Ravindra Mahajani. During this difficult time, Gashmeer chose to maintain his privacy and stayed away from media interactions, respecting the family’s need for space and privacy.

However, Gashmeer took to his Instagram handle for a Q&A session, where he addressed some of the most commonly asked questions from concerned fans and followers. When a fan inquired about his and his family’s health during this testing period, Gashmeer shared that his mother is currently recovering, and they are hopeful to get through this challenging phase together.

In response to another question, Gashmeer expressed his determination to resume work after his mother’s health stabilizes, as he has a family to look after. He wrote, “Will bounce back… no matter what… have a family to look after… will not do the mistake of my ancestors.”

Gashmeer also expressed his gratitude towards his friends from the Marathi Industry, who have been incredibly supportive during this tough time. He mentioned Pravin Tarde, Riteish Deshmukh, Mrunmayee Deshpande, and others, acknowledging their unwavering support and standing by him and his family like pillars.

Despite the overwhelming support, some users questioned Gashmeer about his feelings and thoughts regarding his father. However, Gashmeer chose to keep those emotions private, responding with the belief that such personal matters need not be shared with the public.

As Gashmeer continues to prioritize his mother’s well-being, he eagerly awaits the opportunity to resume work in the future. His determination and strength during this challenging time reflect his dedication to both his family and his career.

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