Faltu 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan’s romantic efforts


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The Episode starts with Faltu and Neil leaving. Ayaan says I have made a mistake, I will bear the punishment. Neil plays a song. Faltu recalls Ayaan and cries. She stops the music. She says I want to get down the car, I won’t go to the party. Neil asks what. She says I told that to Ayaan, I will stay around and then go home. He says no, if anything happens to you, then Dada ji will not leave me. She says I can handle. He says you are young and beautiful, you won’t go. She asks him to open the door. He locks the door. She holds the steering. He asks are you mad. She says open the door. Kinshuk comes in front in disguise of traffic constable. She asks what are you doing here. Ayaan comes. Sid, Kinshuk and Ayaan try to convince her. Ayaan says sorry and gives her flowers. Faltu throws the flowers. Jhak maarke…plays… Neil watches them. Faltu asks Neil to sit in the car. He smiles. They leave.

Traffic constable sees Kinshuk and beats Sid and him. He asks him to get lost. Neil and Faltu come back home. Dada ji asks how did you come back soon, why are you crying. Neil says Ayaan stopped us and gave a dance performance, we didn’t need to go to the party. She says Ayaan broke my heart, I won’t go back to him. She goes. Neil says she won’t stay happy there, don’t send her back, I joke to make her smile, I know her pain. Dada ji says marriages don’t break this way, if Ayaan is bad, then I would have stopped Faltu, but I can see truth in his eyes, he is regretting, everyone should give a second chance. Neil disagrees. He goes.

Sid and Kinshuk are in pain. Ayaan comes and gives them ice packs. He jokes and says sorry. Tanu looks on. Ayaan says she didn’t get convinced. Sid says she won’t agree so soon. Ayaan says she has to agree. Sid says our moms are finding a girl for you. Ayaan asks what, why didn’t you tell this before. Kinshuk says we thought you will get Faltu back. Ayaan says no one can take Faltu’s place in my life. He leaves.

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Faltu cries and says Ayaan is trying hard, my heart isn’t willing to forgive him. She sees her alter self questioning her ego. She cries. She hears some sound and thinks who got unwell. She knocks the door and asks Neil is he okay. She gives water to him. She asks him to think of his old Dada ji. Neil asks who are you to lecture me in my house, he is my Dada ji, not yours. She says I have to think when you can’t think, what happened to you, how can you get so selfish. He asks can’t you stop it. They argue.

He tells about his lover, who left him for career. He cries. Dada ji and Kaka come. Neil asks why did you get this home girl, I hate girls, this girl wants a chance to interfere in others’ matters. She says I can understand your condition, not all the girls are same. Neil asks her to get lost. Dada ji asks Faltu to go and sleep. She goes out and sees Ayaan standing outside. It is raining heavily. She asks him to go home. Tanu goes to Savita and says its raining, Ayaan isn’t at home. Savita asks where did he go. Tanu says I don’t know, he would have gone to Faltu, I m worried, don’t wake up everyone, Ayaan isn’t answering. Savita asks where is Sid. Tanu says he is sleeping. They speak against Faltu. Savita says I need to speak to Ayaan. Faltu goes to Ayaan and gives a towel and umbrella. She says you won’t get forgiveness this way, go home and take rest, if you get unwell, your mum will blame me.

Sid comes. Savita asks did Ayaan go to meet Faltu, go and find him. Sid says don’t worry, Faltu won’t leave him alone. Ayaan asks do you worry for Savita’s words or me. It thunders. Faltu gets scared and hugs him. He smiles.

Tanu says we should take Ayaan home. Faltu worries. Savita scolds Faltu.