Faltu 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu refuses to forgive Ayaan


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The Episode starts with Faltu saying you promised me before also, you doubt me, you took the reverse rounds before ousting me, you broke my heart. Ayaan says no. Faltu says we got divorced, I won’t tolerate if any stranger touches me. He says don’t say this. She says I have learnt to live without you, we aren’t made for each other, we fought the world for our love and lost to each other, you have no place in my life now. He says I will die. He asks Janardhan to explain her. She says I said you sorry when you crushed my dreams, I told sorry when I wasn’t at fault, I told you, Ruhaan spiked my drink, you have no value of my sorry, I have no interest in your sorry, go and stay happy, you should be happy to get rid of me. She asks Dada ji to ask Ayaan to leave. Dada ji says its fate that you both met here, you should give him a chance. She asks why, I begged him, but he made me out of the house, he came here just because Ruhaan told the truth. She scolds Ayaan.

Ayaan says you can beat me and insult me, but come with me. He holds her hand. Neil stops Ayaan and says you won’t force her, you should respect her decision, not all the girls are the same, I want to respect her decision, if she decided she won’t go, then she won’t go. Tanu worries and says Faltu can forgive Ayaan and come back. Sid comes and asks her to value their relation. He scolds her. She cries and says I worry for Ayaan and this family, I know he can never stay happy with Faltu. He says sorry, I m also worried for Ayaan, I meant we aren’t able to focus on our life. He hugs her. She thinks Faltu can’t come back here. Ayaan says Neil, don’t take revenge, we will sort it out, don’t involve my wife. Neil says what wife, you got divorced. Ayaan says divorce didn’t happen, I had torn the papers. Neil says you change your mind so soon, respect Faltu’s decision, I won’t let you take her without her wish. He asks Janardhan to take Ayaan. He says no one has a right to force Faltu. Ayaan asks Faltu to say something. Faltu asks them to leave. She says Neil and Dada ji gave me a roof to stay, you leave. She apologizes to Janardhan.

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Tanu asks are you sure, Faltu is at Neil’s house. Inspector says yes, he saved her from goons that day. She thanks him. Ayaan says you have no relation with me, right. Faltu says no. He says you won’t care, right, if I get hurt. He hits a vase on his head. Janardhan and Faltu shout. He picks a knife and says you don’t care for my life, right, I will go from this world. Faltu stops him. Ayaan says you love me, so you can’t see me in pain. Sid asks Dadi did you see Tanu. Dadi says she went with Savita to meet Faltu, Savita was insisting, so Tanu took her. He gets angry.

Savita and Tanu come to meet Faltu. Savita sees Ayaan and asks what did you do. Faltu does the aid to Ayaan. Savita stops Faltu and sits to do it. Tanu says so you are Neil, you and Faltu met in Nasik, why did you run from police. Neil says I met Faltu that day. Faltu says I m not related to you now. Tanu says I think you both have become good friends. Savita says Faltu, answer me, since when do you know Neil. Dada ji asks what are you saying. Ayaan says you don’t need to answer. He scolds Tanu. Faltu asks how long will you stop them, this is my place in your family, I won’t stay there, no one believes me there. Janardhan says she is right, we have always questioned her, her patience is over. Ayaan says I will get your forgiveness, I promise, I will make everything fine.

Sid and Tanu argue. Dadi asks them to stop it. Tanu says Faltu insulted Ayaan a lot. Savita says yes, she asked us to leave, like its her house, and they were supporting her like she is their bahu. Ayaan shouts enough Maa, if you say a word against Faltu, then think I m dead. He says I just want my Faltu back. Sid says I m with you, tell me what help you want to get her back. Ayaan says I will bring her back in next 7 days, I will apologize to her and fulfill her dream.

Neil says Ayaan has sent these. Faltu says I don’t want this. Ayaan comes home and apologizes to her.