Ek Zindagi Episode 2- Rishte Ki Dor

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**Episode 2: “Rishte Ki Dor”**

*Scene 1: Armaan and Abhira stroll through the vibrant streets of Udaipur, lost in conversation.*

**Abhira:** “Armaan, kya tumhe kabhi lagta hai ki hamare rishte mein kuch ajeeb hai?”

**Armaan:** “Haan, mujhe bhi yeh ehsaas hota hai. Kuch toh hai jo humein ek dusre ki taraf khinche ja raha hai.”

*Their bond deepens as they share their thoughts on the mysterious connection between them.*

*Scene 2: Armaan’s family gathers for dinner, and Abhira joins them for the first time.*

**Armaan’s Mother:** “Abhira beta, tum kya likhti ho?”

**Abhira:** “Main ek writer hoon, aunty. Kahaniyon ki duniya mein khoi rehti hoon.”

*The warmth of Armaan’s family makes Abhira feel welcomed, yet she senses an underlying tension.*

*Scene 3: Abhira’s home, where she introduces Armaan to her parents.*

**Abhira’s Father:** “Armaan beta, tumhari photography kaafi prashansaniya hai.”

**Armaan:** “Dhanyavaad, uncle. Aapki beti ka saath milke mujhe bhi bahut achha laga hai.”

*Armaan’s charm wins over Abhira’s parents, but Abhira notices a hint of reservation in their demeanor.*

*Scene 4: Armaan and Abhira spend a quiet evening at the lake, watching the sunset.*

**Abhira:** “Armaan, kya tumhe lagta hai ki hamare parivaaron mein koi raaz chhupa hai?”

**Armaan:** “Shayad, lekin kya? Yeh jaanne ke liye humein unse poochna padega.”

*Their conversation steers toward the mystery surrounding their families, leaving them pondering over unanswered questions.*

*Scene 5: Armaan’s mother shares a family album with Abhira, pointing out familiar faces.*

**Armaan’s Mother:** “Yeh hai tumhari dadi aur mere pati ke saath.”

**Abhira:** “Dadi toh mere nana-nani ke saath dikh rahi hain!”

*Abhira’s realization sparks curiosity, hinting at a hidden connection between their grandparents.*

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*Scene 6: Abhira’s father opens up about their family’s past over dinner.*

**Abhira’s Father:** “Hamare parivaar mein ek purani dushmani thi, jo ab shayad mit gayi hai.”

**Armaan:** “Dushmani? Lekin kyun?”

*Armaan and Abhira listen intently, piecing together fragments of the puzzle that has bound their families for generations.*

*Scene 7: Armaan and Abhira visit an old family friend who sheds light on the forgotten history.*

**Family Friend:** “Tum dono ki parivaaron mein ek rishta hai, jo bahut pehle shuru hua tha.”

**Abhira:** “Par kya rishta?”

*Their quest for truth leads them closer to uncovering the secrets that have shaped their lives.*

*Scene 8: Armaan and Abhira sift through old letters and photographs, unraveling the tangled web of their ancestors’ lives.*

**Armaan:** “Yeh dekho, yeh hamare dada-dadi hain.”

**Abhira:** “Aur yeh… ek doosre ke saath?”

*The discovery leaves them stunned, realizing the forbidden love that once blossomed between their grandparents.*

*Scene 9: Armaan and Abhira confront their families, seeking closure and understanding.*

**Abhira:** “Yeh rishta jo hamare dada-dadi ke beech tha, kya wahi hamare beech bhi hai?”

**Armaan’s Mother:** “Haan beta, par humne socha ki yeh baat kabhi nahi bata payenge.”

*Emotions run high as the families come to terms with the truth, paving the way for reconciliation.*

*Scene 10: Armaan and Abhira stand hand in hand, united by love and shared history.*

**Armaan:** “Humara rishta na sirf hamara hai, balki hamare parivaaron ka bhi ek hissa hai.”

**Abhira:** “Haan, ek rishte ki dor jo humein ek dusre se jodti hai. Ek zindagi, Armaan.”

*Their love transcends generations, bound by the unbreakable thread of destiny.*