Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao informs Rama of his displeasure

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the night Bhim is walking to and from the bed placed outside the Chawl, he finally sits on it vowing to put his own life at risk for Puran jee but surely get justice for him, because the most dreadful tale is the live story of Puran jee and if he is not able to get justice for him then would leave everything and run from everything that he has dear. The son of Landlord comes saying that then Bhim Rao should run away because now there is no one to stop Bhim Rao and even the people of his Chawl have ousted him, he says that he is feeling bad to see Bhim Rao like this because he used to fight for the rights of the Chawl, he did a lot to make them a better person but they all threw him out of his own Chawl and how would he be able to get close to Puran, he advises Bhim Rao should stop thinking about the prisoner as they all just think off their own self so advises that Bhim Rao should check that those who are against him are celebrating.

The neighbors are drinking sitting on the floor when they say that till today they have always been defeated from him but has for the first time felt as if they have won, the other neighbors ask what did he say so he repeats that for the first time he is feeling as if they have won, the other says it feels they have thrown out Bhim from their own life and very soon they would not have any relation with Bhim for which they have another drink.

The son of landlord asks what does he get because these people are celebrating that he was thrown out of the Chawl, he advises Bhim should just focus on his job as people tend to not get anything to eat as then his life would be a lot better. Bhim stops him saying he should let himself think for his future and not decide it all, the son of landlord says that just as Bhim Rao is standing here alone then one day they all will leave and he will be left alone. He asks about the story of the prisoner whom he went to meet as he also has a lot of interest in the stories, Sethji also comes with Landlord explaining they also have a lot of interest in it, Sethji says they would also publish it when the son of Landlord says what if he changes it just as the last time. Ramji sitting in his house remembers how the people from the Chawl decided that if Bhim fights for Puran then would not live here, the aunt comes asking Ramji who would go to give Bhim the food as he will be angry with them, Ramji says that sometimes they are bound by the laws because Bhim is his son but even then he was not ale to do anything, he accepts he is angry but not to the extent that he leaves his son under the open sky but even then he was forced to stay quiet in front of everyone as Bhim did not listen to them so how could he stand for him. Ramji’s sister says that she can understand it as when every time anything wrong happened Bhim always argues and fights but today he did not say anything, she wonders what if after meeting Puran he has gotten more troubled. Jija Bai comes saying then they should go and ask Bhim what is the story of Puran, Ramji says they donot want to know the story otherwise they would have asked in front of everyone, Jijabai exclaims she would not have to talk this rubbish if they have any other topic beside Bhim Rao.

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The landlord asks if Bhim Rao would tell what happened with Puran jee, Sethji exclaims he will tell everything so explains that his son was pulled off from the horse and then everything was set on fire, landlord asks what happened to Bhim Rao as there is nothing to feel so bad because this is what would happen with Bhim Rao and all of the people from his cast as they are obliged to listen to their orders, they can even pull them from the horse and burn everything, Landlord says they would have to bear it but if they cannot then there is water from the ocean, even the fire so they can be killed with any tool while if they want to live then have to bear the behavior of the upper class, Sethji informs Bhim Rao that he would find a lot of such accidents but they are never published in the newspaper, landlord informs that Bhim Rao is not able to believe it and threatens of doing this when the son of Bhim Rao is about to get married. Bhim Rao angrily warns them to leave when all of the residents of the Chawl come, Rama also asks them to leave so the Landlord says they all should be ready to bear since they want the same Bhim Rao who cries due to pain and suffering. Sethji informs Bhim Rao that they cannot grant him leave tomorrow and he must come to work on time, they all leave when Rama keeps looking at Bhim Rao who angrily sits down. The neighbors ask why are they all standing here and must come back to their houses, the neighbors stop Ramji saying they have already told him if Bhim gets involved in the wrong problems then would scream so they are not able to understand why does Bhim get involved in matters of everyone but then starts screaming, so what can they do about it. Ramji says they should go to sleep as they have punished Bhim Rao then what is the point to talk of him here, the aunt also says they should go to sleep. Lakshmi suggests that they should go and sit with Bhim Rao for some time as he would feel nice, Manohar says they have not punished Bhim to make him feel nice when a lady says what is wrong if his family member tries to sit with him but the neighbors say they would do whatever they desire, they order the whom to go and bring Rama from Bhim but the ladies say that nothing can harm the relation of a husband and wife, they should go to bring Rama and if they cannot do it then should let the husband and wife spend some quality time alone.

Rama asks Bhim Rao to calm down but he says how can he tell her how hurt he is feeling, he says he felt really bad when she was standing with everyone and neither ready to listen to him. Bhim mentions he came back after hearing the story of an innocent person so thought of telling it to them as there are a lot of people who suffered, but everyone was just saying he did not listen to the and went to meet Puran while she was also with them for which he felt really bad, he thought she would at least try to understand and never thought to ask him about the story of Puran jee. Rama gets emotional sitting beside Bhim Rao who is tensed.