Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao manages to save the people of the Chawl

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim is massaging the hair of Rama with oil asking if she knows that no matter how much he is insulted he is not bothered by it, while she says that it is not everyone will to be Bhim Rao Ambedkar, they all are watching when Bhim tells Rama he has returned home after suffering so much and she is the one whose words have helped him sleep after which he was able to sleep peacefully. Lakshmi is also emotional, Bhim says that he needs to make sure she does not take any sort of tension and is clam, Rama slowly rests her head against the shoulder of Bhim.

The Pandit jee asks the Bride to place the Mala around the neck of the groom after which he also performs the same ritual while everyone else is clapping, then they start fulfilling the rituals of circling when Meghnat is smiling along with Sethji.

Bhim Rao keeps massaging the head of Rama who slowly falls asleep, seeing which both Nandu and Puran start smiling while everyone is also relieved

The pandit congratulates Meghnat mentioning the wedding has been completed when they all start clapping so Meghnat says that a very important ritual has still been left which is not related to the wedding but amongst the elder people, Meghnat orders his men to call Bhim Rao, the bride looks at the book which she picks in her hands and then opening the first page sees the name of Bhim Rao. The workers bring the clay statue of Bhim Rao seeing which Karuna and Jija Bai are also shocked while Phulari and Jaggu are smiling. Meghnat orders his men to walk away after putting it, Meghnat says they all would be thinking why did he ask for the statue of Bhim Rao so just as the enemy dies then today they are going to get rid of their biggest enemy who is Bhim Rao, hearing which Jaggu along with Karuna and Jija Bai are smiling. Meghnat asks Karuna and everyone else to place the flowers at the statue of Bhim Rao just as the ritual of last rites after which they can go to have the food, the bride is looking at it. Meghnat asks if they have done it, he orders the worker to make sure they all eat the food properly after which they all follow the worker while Meghnat is smiling and he then orders one of his other men to bring the Mashal. Meghnat lights it from the fire of the Mandap seeing which the bride is tensed witnessing it, Meghnat orders his daughter in law to stand up exclaiming this is their most important ritual and if she is able to do it properly then should think that her GrehpPerwash has been performed, he asks her to take the Mashal and burn this Bhim Rao. The bride starts breathing heavily while holding the Mashal.

The worker requests everyone from the Chawl to come and be seated while they will bring the food, they all enter the room and sit down with smile n their faces while the workers leave after closing them. Jaggu says that they welcomed them properly otherwise when has anyone given them so much respect.

Meghnat asks the bride to not wait for so long as she should go and burn the statue of Bhim Rao after which they would be very glad, the bride recalls when she met Bhim Rao informing him how she wants to study but her parents are not agreeing with her desires so Bhim advised her to go and study in Pune but not take her life as there is nothing more important then it, she vowed to always think of Bhim as her brother and he asked her to not worry.

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The workers throw the oil at the hut while the people from the Chawl are still sitting inside.

The worker comes running calling Bhim Rao informing him that their people have been respected a lot and they were made to sit in a separate hut so he requests Bhim Rao to even come to their Chawl when Puran says they are going to kill everyone, he explains that if it is as a the person is saying then either the people from the Chawl would be poisoned or burned. Puran says that it has happened a lot in his city where people from their class were invited after which they were killed. Lakshmi asks Puran what should they do when he says that Bhim must do something, Rama getting up asks Bhim to go and do something without worrying for her as she is fine, Bhim leaves while they all are waiting at the Chawl.

Shishupal also gets up while Meghnat questions why is she thinking and should go to burn him, Shishupal also demands she should burn it so the bride takes a step ahead but then returns back throwing the Mashal away. The Bride even removes the GantBandhan and runs to the statue of Bhim Rao which she picks to hug seeing which they all are shocked. Meghnat angrily calls her asking if she has gotten mad and he orders her to leave him when the bride says Bhim is her brother so she would never burn him, Shishupal is furious hearing it while the parents of the bride are tensed.

The worker picks the Mashal asking if they have thrown the oil, he asks them all to come back and slowly starts walking to the hut which he is about to set on fire but just then is stopped by Bhim Rao who is furiously staring at him, Bhim says he is still alive and they should not even think about burning his family and the people from his Chawl, Bhim pushes the person back warning him to not even dare come to the front.

Meghnat asks Shishupal to catch her as he is himself going to burn the statue but the bride runs.

Bhim asks Jaggu along with Phulari and Karuna to come out, they all are worried thinking what si Bhim Rao doing here but they walk out. Bhim says they wanted to burn then should do it, Bhim showing the Mashal asks what are they doing, he threatens to catch each and every one of them so he can take them to the police station but they run away.

Shishupal while following Shamla demands that she should stop but she does not listen meanwhile Bhim Rao is also following them, he sees Shamla holding the statue and she hugs him saying she cannot bear anyone disrespect him, Shamla hugs Bhim Rao seeing which Shishupal arrives along with Meghnat and the entire people who are attending the wedding arrive, they are angrily staring at Bhim who is tensed.