Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim decides to help the prisoner

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Bhim asks what is going on here, the official asks the mob to get away from here but the mob says that these people are their criminals who have looted their own people, they even say they are going to rub the face of the criminals with the black ink and not let anyone leave, the police officer asks how can they allow it to happen in front of them when the official says that these people are from the elite class so what can they do about it. Bhim asks how are they doing it, the official asks about his name when Bhim says that he is still talking about what is right because he knows they are the worst criminals but they should be punished for their crimes by law and not an angry mob, they say that they should first rub this black dirt on the face of Bhim Rao when he says he will surely fight for what is right and not let them do anything wrong, the police officer stops the mob from hurting Bhim Rao saying he is a reporter but Bhim says he would also not let anything happen with the prisoners but they forcefully remove Bhim Rao, the mob angrily asks the prisoners to lower their eyes and heads but few of the prisoners do not lower their eyes and keep their heads straight, angrily refusing to lower his head, they try to force him but the prisoner refuses to lower his head. The leader of the mob angrily slaps the prisoners once again instructing him to lower his head but he replies he is not a culprit, Bhim Rao stops him saying that he cannot beat the prisoner like this and even requests the official but the leader of the mob says he will show what they can do, he angrily picks the black dirt which he rubs on the face of the prisoner while the police is just watching. Bhim Rao keeps requesting them to not do anything of the sort while the leader of the mob says he knows how to lower their heads, they start rubbing the face of all the prisoner with the black dirt, Bhim Rao is very saddened to see it but is forced to just stand there watching it while all the police officers remain quiet, after it has ended the official once again takes the ropes in his hands pulling all the criminals with him. Bhim Rao is very sad to see them leave bare foot after suffering such humiliation. The police officers also leave with a smile on their face. Bhim Rao runs after them but is stopped by the leader of the mob, who warns that they will also rub his face with the black dirt if he follows them, Bhim Rao replies that they have not done a good deed vowing to see what they would do, the leader of the mob says now they are also going to rub his face with the dirt. Bhim Rao is just standing when the the leader throws the dirt but Bhim Rao is pushed aside by his brothers who force him to come with him.

The landlord asks the Sethji what is he saying because he had asked him to tease Bhim Rao but he is actually thinking about making him a reporter and is now going to publish his news, the owner of the newspaper says that Bhim Rao is going to bring the news about his own people being criminals because they will enjoy when he writes about it, Sethji asks him to sit down and have tea but the Landlord says that when the Sethji will be publish the news of Bhim Rao then he will feel like a reporter but Sethji says he has to tease Bhim Rao in a very different way.

Ramji says to Laila that he is glad, Maharaja left it to the will of Bhim if he wants to come to the city otherwise there was a always a tension weather when he would be called back but now he is going to surely focus on his job, even when there is a bit tension right now but he will work and even study in the remaining time.

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Bhim keeps asking his brothers what are they doing but they ask Bhim to come with him, Bhim starts coughing so they help him sit when his brother leaves to bring water for him and even the other brother leaves, Bhim is very furious thinking about the behavior the mob did with the prisoners.

Laila asks her how will she write it as she cannot read but she replies she can say it so is telling them that Bhim will surely bring some problem which will cause tension to all of them. Rama comes saying she should be glad this way the stones would be cleared from the road. The brothers of Bhim start running asking Ramji and Rama if Bhim came back, Ramji asks what happened when they both reveal the entire story, so they say tat they did not even see Bhim when returning to the Chawl. Rama says that Bhim might have gone to the prison, Ramji asks Rama to come with her as if Bhim gets troubled in something like this then it would cause a lot of problem, the relative says that Bhim might have gone to find a story but Ramji says that Bhim would have gone to find the story about the prisoner who said that he is not a culprit. Jija Bai comes to Laila asking if all her plans failed as she was very hopeful that Bhim is going to work and then study.

Bhim Rao reaches the gate of the prion but the guards stops him from entering, Bhim Rao then requests the official to let him enter the prison but then Bhim Rao asks the official to let him meet the prisoner because he feels he is not actually a prisoner, the official asks how can Bhim say it, he replies because the person who is still refusing to lower his head even after suffering such severe beating can not be a criminal, the official hearing Bhim Rao asks him to open his note book and write about the crimes of the prisoner, Ramji and Rama rush to Bhim demanding he should come back home with them, the guard says that his family got scared even when Bhim was so much interested to know about the story but now he cannot write anything, the officer asks what can they all do and what would Bhim be able to do, Bhim tells Ramji that whatever is happening with that person inside is wrong when Ramji says Bhim would get ruined if he interferes but Bhim says that he will not go back without knowing the entire truth, the official says he felt Bhim Rao would be able to do something but he cannot do anything because his father and wife are also stopping him, Bhim mentions eh cannot go back but Ramji refuses to let go of his hand, Rama also requests Ramji to let go of his son since he will do whatever he desires, Ramji angrily leaves saying that Bhim would find a way even when he tries to stop him. Bhim going to the official asks what is the story of the culprit, the official says that his name is Puran who belongs to the lower class and set his own village on fire which resulted in the death of a lot of people, Bhim stops when the official says this is his story and crime, Rama also says it is a very big crime Bhim Rao requests if he can meet the criminal but the official refuses to allow it, Bhim Rao explains he is a reporter and desires to cover the story. The official says how can he believe that Bhim is a reporter, hearing this Bhim gets worried.