Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Jija Bai refuses to accept Bhim

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim Rao says even she considers him her son or not but it is his duty to protect her which he would do for his entire life, Jija Bai is also stunned hearing this while Phulari is furious, everyone in the Chawl has gathered outside along with Shishupal and Puran. Shoba asks Jija Bai to see that the Bhim Rao whom she kept cursing her entire life is standing to protect her, Jaggu says this is what Phulari is saying that Jija Bai has switched sides to be with Bhim Rao, Janardhan says the way Jija Bai is looking at Bhim this shows she has become his supporter, Ramji asks Jija Bai to not listen to everyone and go tell Bhim that he is her son, but Bhim goes to Ramji however Rama says he should remain calm, Lakshmi also asks Jija Bai to say that Bhim is her son, Karuna however mentions no one can force her and she would do what she likes, Bala says it is good if Aai calls Bhim her son, Meera also asks Jija Bai to call Bhim her son, along with Deepak, Puran, Jaggu says the way Jija Bai is standing calm it feels she has accepted Bhim as her son. Ramji himself goes to Bhim requesting her to say it today, Puran tells Jija Bai that he has lost the relations so knows their importance in the life and she must call him her son. Ramji says he will take Jija Bai to Bhim so he slowly takes her to stand in front of Bhim who keeps looking at her, Ramji requests her to say it, Jija Bai then holds both the hands of Bhim seeing which Rama gets emotional., Jija Bai is about to tell Bhim seeing which everyone starts smiling along with Shishupal, Jija Bai then turns to look at those who are against him and says she considers him as her enemy, hearing which the supporters of Bhim Rao get tensed while Phulari and the others start smiling, Jija Bai says he is her biggest enemy whom he considered before, she asks Ramji to hold the hand of his son and there is no need to hold her hand. Manohar along with Jaggu and the other start clapping for her, while the family members of Bhim get really worried. Jija Bai turns back furiously to leave. Bhim is not even moving, Rama notices he is very hurt.

Jija Bai angrily enters the house to drink water, Meera along with Ramji goes to Jija Bai saying that their family would have joined if she accepted Bhim, Ramji says that they tend to get very little chances to join their family because if Bhim ever thought about taking revenge then would not have saved her from the attack of Phulari, Shoba coming says that she always argues with Jija Bai but today has come to convince her, Jija Bai turning to Ramji says they were trying to convince her that Bhim saved her from getting injured, Jija Bai picks the stone rod which she herself hits on her head to cause an injury, seeing which they all are shocked. Ramji is left stunned seeing this along with Meera and Shoba saying it is more as compared to what she would have gotten with the kettle. Jija Bai warns them to not convince her and she is going to let those people bandage her who are by her and their mission is to stand against Bhim Rao for their entire lives, she leaves when Ramji says today they found out that Jija Bai will never mend her ways in this life.

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Rama asks Bhim to have the food as he did not even eat in the house, he should even give it to Shishupal while not get worried about what happened, Lakshmi says they all got very excited thinking Jija Bai will accept her but nothing happened, Shishupal replies she will accept him as wen he himself accepted Bhim then everyone would surely accept him, Lakshmi and Rama leave.

Bala comes to Bhim saying that he could not take his own brother to the work but instead is taking Shishupal, Bhim replies he does not understand what sort of work he wants to do and Karuna would surely have something to say, Bala asks since when has Karuna come between them because they even live in the house, Bhim informs Bala is making a scene when he mentions Karuna rightly says that he just wants to become successful, he leaves hen Shishupal mentions he is very weird and does not even want to listen, Bhim says he can never force anyone to listen to him so they can think whatever they desire, Shishupal asks Bhim to come as they must get to work.

Jija Bai walks out calling everyone, Phulari asks what happened so Jija Bai says they should do the bandage if they think she is on their side otherwise should let the injury bleed, Phulari says that they have accepted it, Jija Bai smiles thinking she has not gotten so scared that she will accept Bhim as her son.

Sethji says that he feels Bhim Rao did not find the worker, Bhim enters saying he has brought the person with himself and then Sethji asks how is Shishupal who replies that if he gets the work then would be fine. Sethji replies that Shishupal is the son of his friend Meghnat and this work is not suitable for him, Sethji says how can he convince him when Bhim replies that Sethji should think how Shishupal wants to start a new life form this office. Sethji asks Bhim Rao to take Shishupal and the old newspapers so he should start the work, Shishupal praises them both.

Phulari is feeding Jija Bai with her own hands who says whatever she said about Bhim and Rama was the truth, Jaggu says they should not talk about it as it has already caused a lot of Rama and they should think how they will oust Puran but she would not be involved in it all. Ramji is seeing her, thinking that when one tries to find peace in the society then they tend to become like Jija Bai. Ramji turning thinks Shishupal mended his ways but Jija Bai can never understand.

Bhim Ra and Shishupal are walking when Meghnat praises Bhim Rao saying this is what he wanted that people like him should walk ahead while those who are of upper class should walk behind him, Bhim says he never felt like it and this is not his thinking and he feels everyone should be equal, Meghnat says he can see the thought because his own son was forced to come on the road but is now even being humiliated. Shishupal replies he is not a child and did not listen to Bhim but chose this own path, Meghnat says he is still an idiot which is why did not understand what to choose. Meghnat is really frustrated seeing his son holding the newspaper and demands the bundle from Shishupal while handing him the book but he then gives it to Bhim Rao, after which he says he did not thought it through so goes to clean his hands. Meghnat says this is the right way and the correct choice, Shishupal is furiously looking at his father.