Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao challenges Sethji

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The constables goes to the cell of Puran with the newspaper saying that he would have even thought that Bhim Rao would have gotten him freed but it did not happen and what he wrote in the newspaper would have ruined everything, the constables starts reading the newspaper narrating what is Bhim Rao is ruining his winning by siding with the criminals while the prisoners who were brought from Pune jail have only killed their own people by setting their own neighborhood on fire, the locals who were sympathetic about them a bit but are now just hating them because of their actions, while he has always fought for the rights of his people but is now ashamed of what he was doing. The constables throw the newspaper to Puran before leaving with a smile on their face, he is furious.

Bhim Rao after reading the newspaper says to Ramji that he has not written of the sort when Rama also sides with Bhim Rao saying he can never write anything of the sort, while the neighbors say that everyone would feel he has written it and the people from their own race will actually believe it to be true.

Setji is sitting in his office when the landlord comes asking what sort of article has he published which both the father and son have not been able to comprehend, he says he was really tensed thinking what would be printed in the newspaper and what if Bhim Rao becomes a leader after the news is published, he says Sethji did not even take a single word from the news of Bhim Rao but wrote whatever he desired, and now they should see how Bhim Rao along with his entire family are not able to understand what is happening with them. The locals come to Bhim Rao asking what has he written that everyone is making fun of them, Bhim Rao tries to assure he has not written it but the neighbor say that Bhim is lying to them all and has actually written it. Rama asks what are they all saying since Bhim cannot do anything of the sort, Jijabai asks why are they all not blaming Bhim when he has made a mistake while they always praise him when he does something good. The brothers say they trust Bhim can never write anything of the sort, the landlord says that Bhim has indeed written it and coming asks if all of them have seen what are the actual actions of Bhim because their leader writes against them, the son of the landlord says he used to warn them to stay away from Bhim Rao because he has really changed while everyone would read the story of this leader who has lost. Bhim angrily starts staring at them when the Landlord says he should go to see how everyone will say that the leader has lost and now blames that Bhim is going to be the reason for their failure because he says that all the people from the lower class are criminals. The villagers come protesting against Bhim Rao, the landlord mentions now this slogan would be shouted in the entire village, Bhim Rao angrily leaves when the landlord says that their leader left them all, Rama along with Ramji is also tensed.

Bhim Rao enters the office asking Sethji what is this when Setji says that he can read it for himself so Bhim Rao asks why did Setji did something so heinous when Sethji says that Bhim Rao has started thinking of himself as more clever then him but he should realize that he is just a toy for them and this is his real worth when Bhim Rao mentions he will never forget the wrong that Sethji has done to him, Sethji hands Bhim the letter explaining he can leave this job after signing the letter but he will not get the card, Bhim asks Sethji that he should consider it disrespect but mentions he is not going to leave this job and even fight for the cause of that prisoner while correcting all the wrongs that Sethji has done to him, Sethji gets furious.

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Puran in the cell angrily tears the newspaper thinking how he thought that Bhim Rao who was fighting for the true cause on the road is a nice person but he turned out to be like everyone else, Puran sits down crying when another prisoner comes explaining there are indeed some guilty people like him but Puran is innocent however is still arrested for his entire life, he gets up asking if Puran actually thinks that people from their class would get the rights that they deserve as it is not possible which is evident from the newspaper, Puran is furious.

Bhim Rao says that people break when their trust is broken because after that it is difficult to live their life just like that the prisoner would also be hopeful of getting justice and so he is going to even fight for the prisoner and get justice for him. Bhim Rao angrily leaves to wrap the cloth on his wrists when Sethji says that he would see what Bhim Rao is capable of doing.

The Landlord asks the people if they have heard what their leader Bhim Rao wrote in the newspaper when they refuse to accept that Bhim Rao ca do anything wrong but the son of the landlord mentions that this is their problem that they accept whatever is told to them when the landlord mentions that they always accept what Bhim Rao has said to them and has it ever happened that they have been insulted in the newspaper while Bhim Rao would become a reporter after writing such things and they will be forced to live like this. The landlord explains that they should go to the office of the newspaper and demand that Bhim Rao write an apology but if he has not written the news then should do whatever he can to correct the wrongs, the people also leave to ask Bhim Rao about the truth when the landlord thinks that this is the best time to cause problems for Bhim Rao while trapping him in this problem.

The sister come asking Ramji where is Bhim Rao because some people were talking in the workplace but they did not lose hope however are sure that he always does the best thing, Ramji says that Bhim does not listen to anyone and explains the entire situation however says that Bhim cannot understand the feelings of a father because he is tensed and even if Bhim wins after these hardships then it would not mean anything, the sisters ask what has happened when Jijabai says that she will tell the truth and Bhim Rao expects that all the situations be handled after consulting him.

Bhim Rao is working in the office when Sethji angrily looks at him, someone is calling the name of Bhim Rao so Sethji asks him to go and handle the situation after which he must send them all back to their house, the villagers ask Bhim Rao if he wrote the news or was forced to write it because of this Sethji, Bhim Rao is quiet but they ask him if Sethji forced him then they are going to burn this office right now hearing which Bhim Rao gets worried.