Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim manages to get the signatures of the officals

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Bhim requests for five minutes saying if they donot sign in five minutes then he will leave and not even open a newspaper office, the officer asks what would he be able to do in five minutes then turns the timer mentioning when all of the sand drops then it would be five minutes, Bhim says he does not want to talk to the four of them but every other person present here, Meghnat asks what is this new trick when Bhim says that the officers have given him five minutes so he should stay calm, Bhim explains no matter the religion they all belong to but is it right to snatch the thali from anyone, and if they believe it is right then it might even happen to them in the future, the officer says he does not care if the people from his class get the food, Bhim says Shishupal and Sir are of their class, Bhim informs if they leave then their hungry would just be endless which they will bear after going out of the office, he says he can very easily call people from his class asking them to protest but he wants to see if the officers are just here to take bribe so are there still some present who have humanity, Bhim says they can still hate them and even curse but just help them a bit because they would be able to live with their help, he says they all would have gone through difficult times in their life when they were refused help.

Rama says she knows if the four do not listen then he will talk with the people present there, Karuna asks if Bhim is a magician but Rama replies he has the ability to wake their souls which might forget everything and help them so this is what her husband would be doing.

Bhim says he has his family in the house while Shishupal also has a wife waiting for him along with Sir who has his family but if they leave empty handed from here then would not be able to eat, so they should think of them four while eating after which they will feel nice as they all would have faced hunger, Meghnat asks Bhim to stop and leave as no one would be able to accept his words, Bhim asks if they all come here to earn a livelihood so if from the office the three people were helped then even they would have gotten something to eat, so would their soul not be hurt after thinking about it, if yes then they should come ahead and help them which would not harm anyone, but only their desire will increase, Shishupal says they will just bless them that they never come to stand in front of anyone, Shishupal assures they would return the favour with interest in the time of need, Bhim says it will be true that they pray in this office then should think what should be right or wrong in the office, try to think after closing their eyes. The officers listen to Bhim and closing their eyes start thinking seeing which the four officers get worried and then they say the time has ended of Bhim so ask him to leave. Meghnat also signals him to leave but the officers still have kept their eyes closed. The senior also instructs him but the remaining officers refuse to let anything wrong happen here and they come demanding the senior to sign the paper, hearing which the four officers are worried, Bhim thinks of Rama saying the people here helped him.

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Rama says to Karuna that if the feeling is true then things get better, Karuna says that Bhim has done it a lot but it did not work, Rama replies her husband has prepared for it in the night, she brings a piece of paper asking Karuna to see how he has written it in the night, seeing this Karuna gets a bit worried, Rama says if they have to break a strong wall then the preparation should also be to the same extent as they must know where to attack.

The officer says that Bhim has talked of hunger at the place where they work so the officials should sign, they say they are neither the supporter of Bhim but he is telling the truth that they would have to witness their hunger so demand the officials should sign, Meghnat asks if they have gotten mad and are talking against their own class, the official also says it is wrong and how are they supporting Bhim but they refuse to listen to anything.the officials threaten to sit in protest and even complain that they are involved in taking bribe, Meghnat asks what happened to them all suddenly, they say they work here and would not have done anything if it happened outside but they work here, the seniors are forced to sign and they think if their own people go against them then they might lose their job, they say that Bhim has not talked about law till now and they say they did not think the words of Bhim would have so much effect, the officials agree to sign the paper, Meghnat asks what are they saying, asking if they have all lost their mind and how can they sign when they have taken his food, the official replies it would only be possible if they still have the job so ask Meghnat to leave as they will sign, Meghnat looks angrily at them all before walking out of the office.

Ramji is standing when Jija Bai tells Bala that Bhim would not have been able to do anything so now Meghnat should just come and distribute sweets, Meghnat furiously walks out when Jaggu wishes him while demanding sweets so Meghnat angrily throws it all on his face seeing which they are stunned, Ramji starts smiling, Meghnat angrily keeps staring at them all before leaving with his men, Jija Bai wonders why is he so furious, Ramji says they should not hate him so much that they cannot understand anything so throwing the sweets means they are signing the papers of Bhim hearing which the supporters of Bhim start smiling.

The officials start signing the letter one by one, Bhim taking it goes to the last officer who also signs it, Bhim finally starts smiling, Sethji says that Bhim is very strong and knows what or how to say so he will become a very big lawyer.